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  • Originally posted by trickstat
    Emily-Jane Campbell gets silver behind a dominant Chinese lifter in the heavyweights. I think that means she would have beaten a certain controversial Kiwi amongst others?
    Well that was a nice addition. I am no expert on weightlifting but on looking at the figures I thought Campbell was a fifty/fifty chance for a bronze...silver behind the unbeatable Chinese was a great result. First British woman to win a weightlifting medal : and I can't recall much success ever for the men...

    Winning medals in all sorts of events : really time for Athletics to join the party , eh ?


    • SprintRelayFan
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      It does strike me that with a limited pot of cash to go around events like BMX and weightlifting may be eyeing UKA's longingly

    • Grassmarket
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      Unsurprising about not remembering the men. Our biggest successes go back to the handlebar moustache era.

    • alfie
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      Not quite that long ! 1984 was the most recent and a couple in the sixties..But not a long list.

  • Today's medals mean we've passed Sydney 2000 and are up to our 7th best showing (by Gold total) and our 8th best by total medal tally. And that's not counting the 6 guaranteed medals that we have already lined up of one colour or another.

    Clearly we'll never catch London 1908. And, barring the most absurd sequence of events, Rio and London 2012 are probably out of the question now. But Beijing (our 4th best ever Games) is definitely within reach. Definitely in terms of total medals (51); maybe slightly less so in Golds (19).

    Whatever happens between now and Sunday, even if we were to win no more medals at all, I still think we can look at these Games as being overall successful ones for GBR.


    • SprintRelayFan
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      6th in the medal table. Would at least be nice to overtake dodgy Russia

    • Runny
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      I’m focussing on us beating the Aussies - we can’t let them beat us in the medal table!! We need a few more golds and we will get there!

  • tommorrow should hopfeully be a good day with a chance of two medals in the cycling, the womans 800 final, womans long jump, the boxing weltereight final (and 2 more chances to guarantee medals in boxing quarter finals) the canoe sprint kayak single 200 metres, the diving 3 m springboard final , a couple of sailing medal races


    • marra
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      All 4 sailing events could medal - 2 are guaranteed, the other 2 sit 2nd and 5th.

      Gymnastics Parallel Bars - Joe Fraser was the bronze medalist at the last WC, so definitely has a shot as well.

  • Here's tomorrows list, As drobbie says, if the Good Lord is willing and the creeks don't rise, there could be a very good medal harvest tomorrow.

    02:50 Athletics Women Long Jump Medal Final
    03:33 Sailing Women 49er Medal Race
    03:37 Canoe sprint Women Kayak Single 200m Medal Final
    03:54 Canoe sprint Men Canoe Double 1000m Medal Final
    04:20 Athletics Men 400m Hurdles Medal Final
    04:21 Canoe sprint Men Kayak Single 1000m Medal Final
    04:47 Canoe sprint Women Kayak Double 500m Medal Final
    05:05 Boxing Women Feather Gold Medal Final
    05:33 Sailing Men 49er Medal Race
    06:33 Sailing Men Finn Medal Race
    07:00 Diving Men 3m springboard medal final
    07:33 Sailing Mixed Nacra Medal Race
    09:00 Artistic Gymnastics Men Parallel Bars Medal Final
    09:19 Track Cycling Women Team Pursuit Bronze Medal Final
    09:26 Track Cycling Women Team Pursuit Gold Medal Final
    09:41 Track Cycling Men Team Sprint Bronze Medal Final
    09:44 Track Cycling Men Team Sprint Gold Medal Final
    09:48 Artistic Gymnastics Women Balance Beam Medal Final
    10:15 Wrestling Men Greco-Roman 77kg Medal Matches
    10:15 Wrestling Men Greco-Roman 97kg Medal Matches
    10:15 Wrestling Women Freestyle 68kg Medal Matches
    10:39 Artistic Gymnastics Men Horizontal Bar Medal Final
    11:05 Boxing Men Welter Gold Medal Final
    11:20 Athletics Men Pole Vault Hurdles Medal Final
    12:50 Athletics Women Hammer Throw Medal Final
    13:25 Athletics Women 800m Medal Final
    13:50 Athletics Women 200m Medal Final


    • Just read on a site that the yanks in swimming are up to to their old tricks stating that the aussies cheated them in the medley relay with an illegal takeover which was not correct. It was .04 which is very tight but not illegal. They reckoned they saw better.
      They never change and are of course one of the great cheating countries which we all saw with their attempt to select banned athletes


      • trickstat
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        If they can see a twenty-fifth of a second with the naked eye that clearly they must have special powers!

    • So the only stories that I can find about it are on Daily and Sky News Australia. And the people complaining appear to be a handful of random twitter users. I can't find any comments from a swimmer, any swimming website, any coaches or anything like that.

      Whilst those people complaining are clearly being ridiculous, they are hardly indicative of some mass US hysteria over this.


      • First sailing race goes against us - W 49er FX finish in 6th. They were in 5th before and the least likely to medal.

        Heartbreak for Caroline Dubois in the boxing. Loses in the QF on split decision by 1 point. I thought she'd done enough. One too many of the judges disagreed.


        • How close was that sailing gold. Superb


          • That was incredibly tense. One metre less and the Kiwis would have got the gold. Nice of the Germans to do exactly what we needed by keeping in between us and NZ!


            • While we are discussing great Olympic performances check out NZ Lisa Carrington winning two gold medals on the canoe course about an hour apart... Pretty good I think...


              • One sailing gold in : but Giles Scott is in some trouble in the Finn medal race. Had to restart and currently needs to gain a few spots to beat the Hungarian sailor...


                • If I've done my maths right, we've guaranteed a medal in the women's 470 class. Sailing taking rowing/cycling's crown for most reliable medal gatherer at this point!


                  • Okay THAT was intense.


                    • Amazing finish ! Scott made up two places in the last dash to the line and wins another gold !!!! Fantastic comeback : retains his title from Rio.

                      Sadly that is the last Finn class race for the Olympics. Annoying as GB has now won the last five golds in this class...Percy , Ainslie , and Scott : salute !


                      • carterhatch
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                        'Annoying as GB has now won the last five golds in this class'... and probably why its being removed from the Olympics hahahaha

                      • oxfan
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                        Actually last SIX gold medals now Percy, 3*Ainslie, 2* Scott (and Scott was world no 1 in 2012 but the selectors chose Ainslie instead)

                      • alfie
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                        Haha...indeed it is six now. I'd run out of fingers

                    • Originally posted by Taffy2

                      I think GB has a better 5th rider to come in than other teams. Some teams only have 4 that can ride.that could be a huge factor if Germany and the USa don not have a 5th lady .
                      Shows what I know - GB are indeed bringing Neah Evans in (for Ellie Barker). If that's purely tactical and planned, that's promising.

                      GB men bringing in Owen Doull for Ed Clancy - that change sounds forced due to injury and Clancy has announced his retirement as a result. Shame to go out on that note - he's one of the all time greats of track cycling.