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  • With Simone Biles pulling from the individual all round I think that means Jade Carey comes in to the indiviudal all around - be nice for her if she could do something as she wasn't in the team, although she has made two apparatus finals.
    On the apparatus finals, if Biles chose not to contest the floor Jennifer Gadirova would come in


    • Carl Hester drops out of medals in the dancing horses. Dujardin hasn't gone yet


      • marra
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        She'll do well to get a medal. Could be a German 1-2-3. They've dominated horse dancing recently.

    • Bronze for Charlotte in the horse dancing ! Top show with her new horse...


      • SprintRelayFan
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        His name is Gio and he dances on the sand!

        Dujardin now Britain's most decorated female olympian...but Laura Kenny may (and I hope will) change that this week

    • Luke Greenbank looked very good in the heats of the men's 200 m backstroke, his 1:54.63 just 2/10ths off the British record and won the heat well clear of everyone else.

      And the 2nd Brit entered, Brodie Paul Williams, also qualified for the semi-finals, in 12th overall (1:57.48). Greenbank was quickest qualifier by over 1 and a half seconds!
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      • Hope he can go well tomorrow am. As long as he gets a nice lane for the final I see good things. Only worry he looks as if the final 15 m will find his slight lack of speed.


        • Originally posted by LoveSprints1
          Just came on and saw 11 pages of posts! So I apologise if I am repeating themes already discussed at length.

          I am LOVING both skateboarding and surfing (and am now also looking forward to the breakdancing in 2024!).

          The swimming success has been joyous and watching Tom Dean's family and friends was nearly as exciting as the race!

          Lutalo Muhammad is a broadcasting revelation - charismatic, insightful, phenomenal dissecting the Taekwando, which was also brilliant to watch.

          I hate dressage but still get spellbound by the dancing horses (for a split second).

          AND Simone Biles is a TRUE SUPERSTAR. It is so important that she has been transparent and open about her mental health battles on the biggest platform, and that she was still there for her teammates when it mattered despite how tough that must have been for her.

          Final point. Every athlete who made an Olympic team is the best of the best in their nation at this point in time. To be there is a triumph, to make a final is outstanding and to medal is amazing. When we are cutting down athletes and teams, we need to bear in mind their achievement of just making the team. Of course, all of them want more, but there can only ever be three on the podium.

          Hope athletics lives up to the billing!
          Agree totally on Lutalo. Extremely impressed by him.

          Disagree totally on skateboarding. Breakdancing is beyond my personal pale.

          Agree totally on Biles. ‘Mental Health’ is such a broad term though and some people still only associate it with the more serious end. I wish there was a way of being a bit more precise without being intrusive. We don’t say someone’s got a physical injury, but that they’ve got a sprained ankle or broken wrist. Being more granular like this rather than bucketing everything in ‘mental health’ may help further understanding. I also wonder how much social media had to do with her situation.


          • nutsos
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            There is also the whole dreadful Larry Nassar situation she (and many others) went through. One of the reasons she wanted to compete in Tokyo was to prevent US Gymnastics from trying to sweep Larry Nassar’s sex abuse under the rug and make sure there was a full independent investigation into what happened and that people responsible would be help accountable for how they let the gymnasts down horrifically.

        • Originally posted by philipo
          Hope he can go well tomorrow am. As long as he gets a nice lane for the final I see good things. Only worry he looks as if the final 15 m will find his slight lack of speed.
          Rylov is around!!


          • Has tomorrow's timetable been posted?

            Overall a disappointing day for GB in my opinion, especially the rowing and diving. Others performed as expected. The swimmers were superb. Dujardin has been number 2 orc3 for a few seaaon and wasnnt expected to win. Some of the boxers looked good.

            Was Scott holding back in his IM heat? Only saw muted glimpses of the race.


            • marra
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              Says a lot about GB expectations compared to yesteryear, when a day with a G-S-B is seen as disappointing!

              Scott did enough to qualify; didn't need to go any faster. He was about 1.5 seconds quicker at the GB trials, as a guide. He's got a shot at a medal for sure although Andrew will be tough to beat - he'll be way ahead after 150m. It's just a question how badly he'll die on the last 50m and whether anyone will be close enough to catch him.

          • Possibility of a decent medals day with chances in rowing (Lightweight Women looks the best of all our boats), swimming (maybe not gold, but stocking fillers) and two well-established British contenders in the Men's Trap Shooting - Matthew Coward-Holley & Women's Canoe Slalom. (Mallory Franklin) both frequent winners on their respective Tours.

            01:18 Rowing Men Pair Medal Final
            01:30 Rowing Women Pair Medal Final
            01:50 Rowing Lightweight Men Double Sculls Medal Final
            02:10 Rowing Lightweight Women Double Sculls Medal Final
            02:30 Swimming Men 800m Freestyle Medal Final
            02:44 Swimming Men 200m Backstroke Medal Final
            03:28 Swimming Women 200m Butterfly Medal Final
            03:37 Swimming Men 100m Freestyle Medal Final
            06:30 Shooting Women Trap Medal Final
            07:30 Shooting Men Trap Medal Final
            07:55 Canoe Slalom Women Canoe Gold Medal Final
            09:00 Judo Women 78kg Repechage & Medal Final
            09:00 Judo Men 100kg Repechage & Medal Final
            10:30 Fencing Women Foil Team Medal Rounds
            10:30 Fencing Women Foil Team Bronze Medal Final
            11:50 Artistic Gymnastics Women All-around Medal Final
            11:55 Fencing Women Foil Team Gold Medal Final
            12:00 Table Tennis Women Singles Bronze Medal Final
            13:00 Table Tennis Women Singles Gold Medal Final


            • marra
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              It's the Mens 200m breaststroke tonight, not the 200m backstroke. The backstroke tonight is SFs.

              You're also missing the womens 4x200m free relay (04:31 UK time), where Australia has a decent shot at the world record.

          • Great effort but not to be for Glover and Swann


            • Superb for the Irish duo


              • Great race in the womens double sculls by the italians, GB fourth.


                • Hope we are not going to miss any swimming stuff tonight or very soon. With this BBC coverage being so poor and limited. Who knows?


                  • 4th by 1/100th of a second, half a second from Gold. That's heartbreaking.

                    I know people will criticise the medal haul from the rowers, but that's their fifth 4th place. On a different day etc...


                    • Taffy2
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                      What is worrying is that 2012 was meant to provide a legacy/ new generation. The rest of the rowing world have moved on. Obviously our expectations are high from previous medal hauls. Hopefully we can turn things around in the next 3 years to have a few more medal contenders.

                  • By the way with 16 medals at the start of the 6th day it's going to need major successes each and every day to get to 40 medal total.