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  • Originally posted by Taffy2
    2008 to 2021 isnt a totally fair example. In 2008 we were allowed 2 athletes per individual event in track cycling, since 2008 it's been 1. However , the amount of events open to females has increased, and rightly so.

    New sports have been added at each subsequent Olympics I'm surprisingly enjoying the skate boarding.

    Anyways, whether our predictions are pessimistic, realistic or optimistic, I'm sure we all wish GB as much success as possible.

    Loving some of the international head to heads, especially Titmus, Ledecky.

    I think Abbey Wood will deliver.
    i have high hopes for Abbey for tonight.


    • Refreshed my memory about IOC's take on" gigantism" in the OG, which they do not approve of, i could not help laughing at Page 37 of the Book of the Olympics which states that IOC as a matter of public record will add or axe sports according to their international popularity or geographical coverage;
      If IOC practised what they preach about the sports in question, then canoeing, synchronised swimming, sailing , beach volleyball, and and a number of other events, would disappear, not to mention Modern Pentathlon, fencing and equestrian events. They could be replaced with squash, billiards and bowling is suggested. It does not happen because TV i is all important especially across the pond.
      Interestingly it is stated that the only events that have had winners from every continent are athletics, swimming, boxing, weightlifting and tennis. A bit surprising.


      • Ladyloz
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        Surprised Judo not on that list. But yes there are lots of Olympic sports that are for want of a better phrase 'first world sports'

      • Grassmarket
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        Yeah, no matter what they say, sports follow TV money. Americans pay a lot, so there are tons of swimming medals. France & Italy pay a lot, so there are tons of fencing medals. Brits - rowing & horses. Germans - sprint canoeing. Etc etc.

        Tbf some concessions are made.Rugby 7s is for oceania, Wrestling for central Asia.
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    • My personal opinion - all sports should be in the Olympics and disciplines in a sport's world championships should be in the Olympic schedule. If it takes 3 months, fine. It can be hosted by a country, rather than just a city, to allow for multiple venues in all different sports.

      The point of the Olympics is to highlight sport and sportsmen/women from around the globe in a grand festival. The limits they have now are artifical and daft.


      • And the medals. British prospects in Rowing, Swimming, Dressage & Rugby Sevens.
        Really can't see anything from the Cycling Time Trials.
        After today's gymnastics miracle, can the Men do the same?

        01:18 Rowing Women Double Sculls Medal Final
        01:30 Rowing Men Double Sculls Medal Final
        01:50 Rowing Women Four Medal Final
        02:10 Rowing Men Four Medal Final
        02:30 Rowing Men Quadruple Sculls Medal Final
        02:41 Swimming Women 200m Freestyle Medal Final
        02:49 Swimming Men 200m Butterfly Medal Final
        02:50 Rowing Women Quadruple Sculls Medal Final
        03:30 Road Cycling Women Time Trial Medal Final
        03:45 Swimming Women 200m IM Medal Final
        03:54 Swimming Women 1500m Freestyle Medal Final
        04:26 Swimming Men 4x200m Freestyle Medal Final
        06:00 Road Cycling Men Time Trial Medal Final
        07:00 Diving Men synchronized 3m platform medal final
        09:00 Equestrian Dressage Grand Prix Individual Medal Final
        09:00 Judo Women 70kg Repechage & Medal Final
        09:00 Judo Men 90kg Repechage & Medal Final
        09:30 Men Rugby Sevens Bronze Medal Final
        10:00 Men Rugby Sevens Gold Medal Final
        10:30 Fencing Men Sabre Team Bronze Medal Final
        11:15 Artistic Gymnastics Men All-around Medal Final
        11:30 Fencing Men Sabre Team Gold Medal Final
        12:45 3x3 Basketball Men & Women Medal Final
        12:45 3x3 Basketball Women Bronze Medal Final
        13:15 3x3 Basketball Men Bronze Medal Final
        13:55 3x3 Basketball Women Gold Medal Final
        14:25 3x3 Basketball Men Gold Medal Final


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          And the diving! Laugher is the defending champion.

      • Got a bit of the dressage on. It’s actually amazing.

        Seeing a horse execute an A Skip better than most athletes is quite something! Lol


        • I've been really enjoying the 3x3 basketball, something I didn't even know was a thing before this week. Some of the players look like they need to work on their free throws though.


          • A good 4th there and goes to form in the rowing.


            • That was disappointing, our top women's biat, pre the Glover / Swann return.


              • Oooof.... Just oooof from the British 4 in the rowing.

                Easily the biggest disappointment of the Olympics so far. The worst result from the men's 4 in more than 30 years, the first time they haven't medalled in god knows how many years.
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                • Somebody clearly blew up physically in the crew there, hence why they swerved into the Italian land in the last 300 meters.


                  • Biggest disappointment so far, along with Jade Jones( although she was was very unlucky to face such a high calibre opponent in round 1)


                    • Thank the lord for that @ silver


                      • Some great race craft from the British quad sculls.... did exactly the right thing from lane 1, went out hard and fast, took the lead, then hung on for dear life. The world champions Netherlands did what they expected to do, came through after halfway and took a lead they never lost, but because of the British crews' bravery, they earned themselves an excellent silver medal.


                        • See this is why you should never get too confident or too despondent over a few results... early gloom because a couple of favourites faltered ; then some good performances and everyone gets excited : and now a very disappointing series of rowing events and the headlines will be all in black again...

                          Did look on day one that the rowing team was a bit off the pace generally so a lot of fourth places probably isn't too surprising. But I think that four having a 'mare was definitely in the "shock failure" category. The Australian crew were always at least equal favourites but I'd assumed second at worst ... up until they started steering like a drunk driver 🤨 Don't know what happened there but the Italians might be a bit annoyed having to dodge them .

                          Aussies having a really great morning. GB need someone to upset the form book or they could conceivably end up with nothing in the rowing ? Surely not ?

                          And just to illustrate my opening sentence the quad have just grabbed silver behind the Dutch 😄

                          Full of surprises...


                          • Ledecky having a 'mare. Titmus is having a great meet. Great swim from the Hong Kong athlete for silver and surely a massive NR in the 200 m freestyle.