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  • Multi Events - State of Play

    I thought it worthwhile starting a thread on the multi-events as some of the other state of play threads have been informative

    It’s often mentioned on here that there is something of a dearth of talent on the men’s side, could we being the first green shoots of new talent coming through in the shape of Jack Turner and Ollie Thorner. Both studying in the states they have improved this year and made the transition from the junior implements to the senior fairly smoothly. Both are first year U23s. Turner went from 7291 in 2020 to 7659 this year and recorded PBs in 7 events this year. He’s a good long jumper too, 7.53

    Thorner improved from 7215 to 7388 this year and registered another 7000 point deca at the British champs. BA set the standard for the European U23s at 7700, when European Athletics only ask for 7300(!), a positive spin on this is that they will both be eligible for the 2023 edition. Turner currently 11th and Thorner 28th on the all-time U23 lists

    Some other names worth mentioning are Joel McFarlane a 2nd year u23 who’s scored 7148 this year and Troy McConville who has scored 7066 with the junior implements

    The women’s side is looking very strong, we’ve had 19 women go over 6000 points in our history, 6 of them are currently active, with Mills moving up to 8th this year, O’Dowda to 14th and Barber 16th. Jodie Smith not too far off that milestone with 5881

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    The Dutch decathlete Pieter Braun has withdrawn so another berth should be available, whether WA will allow anyone to take it after the cut off date is anyone’s guess. Duckworth is next in line


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      Originally posted by Occasional Hope
      Really gutsy 800 by 17 yo Ella Rush to win the pentathlon with a championship record 4365. Only Morgan Lake and KJT have ever scored more as u20s in the UK.

      Incidentally, it's her first pentathlon since 2020, and only her second ever with senior implements.
      The Ella Rush performance was very welcome and under the radar. That stat, of her being third all time u20s, is quite the yardstick...

      While I am looking forward to see how Holly Mills competes, if she does, at the World Indoors, doesn't anyone have any firm intel' on Niamh Emerson!? Didn't she move to a certain coach, who shortly after got suspended, has this and her injuries, then the pandemic, really taken a toll...

      I only wish Morgan Lake had taken my advice and trained over the winter for an indoor Pen, she really needed to re-invigorate her approach, and now with the emergence of a couple of other ladies in HJ it might well be a challenge to make any teams for the big occasions ...

      and what of the most naturally gifted British female athlete of all time, KJT, well, I am sat in the car waiting for the 2022 roller coaster to set off...
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        Murray Fotheringham looks the real deal to me. His throws are undeveloped but he has the frame to kick on. Ella Rush is some talent, I have no doubt she will break the UK Junior record in the Heptathlon.


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          I don't know what it is about British female multi-eventers! Ella Rush looks like she is in the Kelly Sotherton mould - great jumper, getting quicker, absolutely *%*^ at javelin, while Mills could absolutely become World Class in the next couple of years if she gets more consistent in the High Jump and Long Jump and improves her ropy javelin - her Hurdles is right up there, she finishes with a strong 800m and Shot is already very solid too.

          Niamh Emerson looks like she is training, not sure how successfully but she is still incredibly young. There are also athletes like Jade O'Dowda and Jodie Smith who are around the 6000 point mark at U23, which is very solid.

          Just wish there were some Decathletes... Murray Fotheringham has potential, really fast but an abysmal thrower thus far.


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            i suspect emerson will reemerge at gotzis this year, mills is emerging as a strong 3rd option too, hope kat can haqve an injury free year and pick up a couple of golds in the summer, at her best, she is better than thiam and has been for the last couple of years


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              I think Thiam leads KJT 6-1 in head to heads from 2016 season onwards and is only the 2nd double Olympic heptathlon champion ever. She spent 69 weeks as world number 1 in the event, KJT has put one great heptathlon together in Doha (which I was lucky enough to see live and enjoy) but I don’t think that makes her better than Thiam.

              Most great multi-eventers have an ability to hone their talent, balance out weaknesses, stay mentally strong and managing injuries (particularly from late 20’s onwards) - an Achilles rupture is a massive injury for any heptathlete to get over and IMO will impact on KJT’s jumps and speed. I hope it doesn’t but I think it will. The great JEH (so missed!) never quite got that spring back after her on-off Achilles problems from 2013 onwards.

              Holly Mills is a very exciting prospect - really wish her the best for another smashing 2022 season. World Indoors opening up nicely with Thiam and Vetter both giving it a miss although Olympic 4th placer Vidts has new pbs this season in hurdles, LJ and shot out (and has an excellent 800m and 1.80+ hj) - hard to beat but will keep fingers firmly crossed for Holly!


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                With Niamh Emerson making her official comeback to competition at today's Loughborough International, as well as KJT's decent showing in the long jump yesterday in the Birmingham Diamond League, I think it's time to bump up this particular thread back to the front of the que.


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                  KJT starting to shake off the rust now. With training partner Kendall Williams and Vetter & Oosterwegel also Gotzis it will give us all an indication of where she is at.

                  Mills target will be a new PB, hopefully she.can nail a half decent High Jump, where she struggled indoors. And some progress in the Javelin nice.



                  • Occasional Hope
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                    Yes, I think we’ll know a lot more once Kat has done a full hep.

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                  So Niamh Emerson, a solid 14.10 in the hurdles, hopefully she can take some time off that as she sharpens up and some good throws of 13.61 and 42.90 both not too far off her best.

                  Ian Hodge said on Twitter that she was doing some more events next weekend. Not sure what or where, possibly Bedford entering the Hep there but just doing some select events? I'm interested now in where her jumps are as they were always strong events for her.


                  • RunUnlimited
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                    Seeing Niamh Emerson looking healthy and fit, as well as producing good marks in a variety of events in Loughborough this afternoon, suggest to me that she is well on the way back to being at the very least scoring over 6000 points in a heptathlon level, if not better with a few more weeks of work.

                  • Occasional Hope
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                    Definitely moderately encouraged by her Loughborough marks. When is she doing a full hep?

                  • Ladyloz
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                    Not sure about a full Hep. I have only seen a tweet from Ian Hodge about her doing some more events next weekend.

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                  The lineups for the England senior and U20 multis championship are taking shape

                  Mens: Sam Talbot, Joel McFarlane, Lewis Church, Elliot Thompson
                  Womens: Ellen Barber, Jade O’Dowda, Jodie Smith, Caroline Agnou, no Stainton
                  Mens U20: Murray Fotheringham
                  Womens U20: Ella Rush, Abigail Pawlett

                  Murray Fotheringham could be one to watch, he scored 5774 indoors for the heptathlon a few months ago, which moved him up to 2nd all-time on the UK rankings. His current PBs are 10.78, 7.55, 11.77, 2.06, 49.15, 15.10, 36.99, 4.43, 43.62, 4:22.78 which would translate to a total score of 7632. The Q mark for Cali is 7300
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                  • carterhatch
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                    I saw the Po10 entry for Duckwoth. It seems a very light programme - returning from injury? giving up the multi event to focus on LJ? who knows...

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                    Duckworth is no longer on funding so maybe he's combining LJ with employment?

                  • Occasional Hope
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                    I think he's been assisting his old college coach to some degree.

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                  About 15% of being an athletics fan in checking the weather forecasts. Bedford is looking worse than Eugene temperature wise, with Gotzis only slightly better


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                    Niamh appears to be entered in this weekend's Combined Events Challenge at Bedford! Should be an exciting weekend, with Abigail Pawlett and Ella Rush in the junior event and Holly Mills and KJT over at Gotzis.


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                      In the u18 event Seren Rodgers and Chisom Nwafor have the best scores from last year, and Chisom had that great wind assisted LJ earlier in the season, so that could be a good competition too.


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                        Interview with KJT and her coach: Katarina Johnson-Thompson: ‘I still want to do it. I still love heptathlon’ | Katarina Johnson-Thompson | The Guardian

                        We shouldn't expect fireworks from her this weekend apparently.

                        With both her and Holly intending to do the Commonwealths that only leaves one place open on the England team.