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Sha'carri Richardson tests positive?

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    Hope you posters who have commented on the Richardson case have read on LR Forum the detailed response by the top chap at WADA, Witold Banka, to ill informed American political comments about SR being the subject of racism
    . We now know that the Americans have had a major and disproportionnate influence on all matters relating to the WADA code at every step and, particularly appertaining to the rules on the use of cannabinoids ; Banka's letter shows what a bunch of political fools jump on every bandwagon to burnish their political credentials and show themselves as ignoramuses on the details of every aspect of WADAs rules and how they are arrived at on the aforesaid matters. .Well worth the read !!
    The bit that catches the eye is in the LAST para of his response, in which he states that in the USA 90 % of all pro -ball sports and more importantly 90 % of all college sports do not carry out and support the testing rules and regulations inherent in the WADA Code; thus we can say that we are unable to vouch for American track and field being clean( which i dont anyway) So much for NCAA athletic prowess.

    How noticeable that Gary Hill that self proclaimed dictator of all things on their Forum stopped posters talking about SC misbehaviour and shuffled off discussions elsewhere .At least i note that quite a few LR posters reckon that she should have been given a much longer punishment but the mothers death was used to good account by social media.