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Holly Bradshaw 4.90 NR

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  • Holly Bradshaw 4.90 NR

    Definitely worth a new topic.

    It looked to me like there was a bag of air between her and the bar. This is all-time world-class vaulting.

    Her 2021 is going to be a wild ride from here on in. Anything could happen now...

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    It was extremely impressive.

    I'm wary of medal predictions because she can be inconsistent specially when the stakes are high, but she couldn't be going into the Olympics in better shape.


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      As always, the key to winning a medal is to hit the big heights on the first jump.

      Mind you, with Holly’s luck she will go to Tokyo & all her poles are going to Toulouse.
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        Fantastic vault which most people have long thought she was well capable of.

        I think Tokyo will be totally career defining.

        She’s fit, experienced, in form, confident and should be right at the peak of her powers. Probably her last OG as she’s said she’ll retire in the next 2 - 4 years.

        Be anywhere near her best and she should be right in the mix for medals. If that’s the case, well it’s been a bit of a winding road to get there but a happy ending.

        If it’s another 6th or 7th at 4.65 or 4.70, well she’s been doing that for a decade and there will always be a ‘but’.

        I hope it’s the former, but there will doubtless be some twists and drama somewhere along the line.


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          ...And now Olympic bronze.

          Hard to imagine a more deserving athlete. Her iron will, tenacity, determination and resoluteness have kept her close to the top for over a decade. And now finally, a fitting reward.

          I'm off to buy some of her peanut butter too...


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            I hope she looks to complete another cycle - it’s only 3 years and that’s two WCs, a EC, a CWG and the Paris OG. She’d have a good chance of potentially winning at the CWGs and maybe Euros, a medal at either WC and a swansong OG would be a great career


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              I hope she does. This might end up being wishful thinking but now that she has got the proverbial monkey off her back with the Olympic bronze, maybe she will got into future competitions a more relaxed athlete and be able to get more? If that makes sense?


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                It could be a great few years ahead for Bradshaw. And I agree that now being an Olympic medalist will give her such a boost going into major finals in the future. No matter what happens there she has the big medal.

                Usually with an Olympics I expect to see quite a few well-known names announce that they’re hanging up their spikes. But with Paris just three years away I’m struggling to think of any Brits who would sign off now…


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                  Well after a year in which she has 1/ Recovered from Covid. 2/ Regained (in her own words) her love of the sport. 3/ Set a new NR - and finally : 4/ Won an Olympic medal..... I would be astonished if she were to call it a day now.

                  The next three years bring , as jimbo says , a host of opportunities. Why wouldn't she want to go on ? Long as her health and fitness is OK I can see her attacking those competitions with enhanced confidence.

                  Who knows what that may bring ?


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                    Mind you, with Holly’s luck she will go to Tokyo & all her poles are going to Toulouse.
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                      Good for her, for rasing this issue...



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                      HB is quite right on this issue in my view; the dress of female athletes is ridiculously tiny.Is there a technical reason for the coming about of such minimalist dress.


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                        I don't think there really is. Maybe slightly cooler if you are running a 10000 on a hot, humid night in Tokyo?

                        It has very gradually seemed to have become the norm over the last 30 or 40 years. I know about 8 or so years ago the organisers of the English National Cross-Country Champs issued guidance recommending that crop tops were not worn after a Champs held in snow where many of the girls in the younger age-groups were wearing them.