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  • Just for quick reference and to add some flavour in regards to 400 potential

    You can judge a 400 programme fairly well on their 200 conversion (in season 200 primarily of course, but in essence a PB could be used to identify scope)
    Male 200x2.14-2.17 Female 200x2.17.2.2 is a reasonable barometer. So when we see "fast" athletes run a 400, you can generally see if this is purely down to speed reserve and talent or actual programming for the event

    Training for 400 is not just about volume but the specificity of that volume, and that doesn't just mean at speed but the contact of tempo/aerobic type work being appropriate


    • More of my very late reactions to events in Munich.

      The winning time by GB's men in the 4x100m relay, would have medalled at *every* World Championships since the turn of the century, with only Doha 2019 being the exception. 2019 was possibly one of the deepest 4x100s in history, with the top five nations going under 38 seconds and the top 3 breaking 37.5.

      Indeed, the 37.67CR they ran would have won world gold from 2001, all the way up 'til 2007, before the emergence of Bolt on the scene in 2008.

      Be in no doubt that this was a seriously swift outing from the boys, and all achieved with two entirely new faces brought into the squad and no Prescod included, either.
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