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    Looking at the other 3:

    Dina and Daryll are a match for basically anyone in the World on 3rd & 4th leg. What about the other two runners?
    Imani Lansiquot ran 11.17 as an U20 in 2016 and has kinda been there ever since. Which is great and more than good enough to be part of a World Class relay team, but not one that is going to win a global gold. Can she push on, as Daryll has (after a period if apparent stagnation)?
    Desiree Henry is a great 'what might have been' story. Staggeringly she is still only 26(!) and 2021 was her best since 2017 and the start of the injuries. Fingers crossed.
    Amy Hunt is (7.21 this year) but also pulled up at the Muller Grand Prix. But she is also 19 and ridiculously talented, and could end up being Kathy Cook on the back straight.
    Kristal Awuah is another who ran fast as an U20, seems to have stalled but still ran 11.23 last year. She seems like the natural Asha Philip successor on leg 1, but can she go 11.1 regularly?
    Then there are the ridiculous teenagers Wedderburn-Goodison, Eze and Eduan, all of whom are still a bit young but could be excellent (or vanish without trace).

    Jodie Williams leapt to World Class last year, hopefully she can sustain it, as a 49.x leg is nice for anyone.
    There is a whole host of women who could push into the mid 50.x on the flat, meaning 50.0 or better - Nicole Yeargin, Ama Pipi, Laviai Nielsen, Hannah Williams, Amber Anning. The question is whether enough become consistent that GB can look at running 3:20.x not 3:23, as you need the former to get a global medal.
    Finally, Keely Hodgkinson is a very interesting one. 52.42i as a slow starter could mean a low-51 outdoors. She's not going to be Athing Mu in the relay, but maybe she could add a different dimension to the other girls, especially on legs 3 or 4. What would be most exciting would be a team that gets put together such that GB are in the race after 2 legs, rather than being quite a way back after a weaker leg 1 than the US, Jamaica and Poland.

    Well, we know who won't be running... also, after Talbot has retired it looks like the Golden crop of 2017 (and 2019, to a lesser extent) are starting to fade, as Kilty is now 32 and NMB seems a bit of a shadow of his former self.
    Gemili has been a relay workhorse for a while now, still only 28 and if he stays fit he's always good for an excellent back straight.
    Reece Prescod draws a lot of ire, but he did end 2021 with a 20.31 200m and he is still (theoretically) one of the most talented sprinters Britain has ever had. If he puts together a season I wouldn't want to face him on anchor...
    Zharnel Hughes was GB's #1 last year but totally fluffed his lines in the Olympic final; he's in his prime and will hopefully have another strong year with fewer critical false starts...
    Looking at the youngsters, Jeremiah Azu, Toby Makoyawo and Joel Pascall-Menzie are the most exciting, all U23s and and 6.65i this year, with the potential to crack into 10.0.
    Finally, Charlie Dobson looks like he could do something stupid over 200m after 6.59i at the Muller Grand Prix, if he can stay fit...


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      With a busy summer of champs; it certainly feels like there will be plenty of opportunities to bed in any new relay runners and permutations.

      W4x100 = Asha Philip is an interesting one. She has owned leg 1 for several years now and whilst the likes of Awuah have at times looked like they may usurp her, she rightly hasn't been yet. You feel like the door is ajar for someone to claim the spot but nobody has yet kicked down the door. Note that GB aren't officially qualified for Worlds as they didn't run the World Relays last year but their Tokyo time will certainly be enough to do so.

      M4x100 = Have nothing against Prescod partaking in relays in principle but he has to commit and most importantly run a relay outside of the major champs, I'd like to try Zharnel out on anchor too at some point, need to have alternatives there if NMB doesn't find his 2017-18 form. Azu looks like he could be a long term option on leg 1 and I will be interested to see where & how Toby Makoyawo runs for his college relay team. As per the women, GB have not qualified for Worlds - the Road to Oregon site is still officially showing them as the quickest not auto Q with their Tokyo time of 37.51 but that obviously will be discounted. Their time from the Gateshead Diamond League of 38.27 would presumably still count even though Ujah was part of that team but personally I wouldn't want to rely on it as we would be ranked 15th out of 16 teams with that. I wonder what plans are in place to run a relay early season - I also probably would not want to rely on the Loughborough or Birmingham weather in May for a quick time either. I'd go abroad to sunnier climes in May/Early June to get a run in and some relay practice.

      W4x400 = More depth here than any other relay squad but the downside of that is working out the best team/order. Looking forward to seeing them race this year.

      M4x400 = I am hopeful at least that 2021 will prove to be the absolute nadir of men's 400 running (it surely can't get any worse), although I think it may be a couple of years before we become competitive on the global stage again. Again this team (unsurprisingly) isn't qualified for Worlds and is not funded so will there be any races organised to try and get a QT?


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        Knotweed incoming ...

        the Team GB men's failure to finish the relay at the Brimingham DL doesn't concern me too much... it is small margins when trying to operate at the very limit in this event, and I suspect Kilty, NMB and Gemili, are focusing on one moment of redemption at the Worlds where it really matters.

        The women's seem set to have DASHER on leg 3, having the confidence that Neita can bring home a strong leg. It was a very good time but I wonder what will happen with leg 1 - Beth Dobbin did her cause no harm, but is Asha Philip still good for one more season, or might one of the young guns make a compelling case...


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          Terrible error in the 4x100m relay in Loughborough just now. The GB Junior 2 team, featuring Joy Eze on 3rd leg, were running fantastically well... until the final change over when Eze, having overtaking the England team and scorching round the bend, was greeted by her team mate waiting to receive the baton.... standing in the wrong lane! One of the teams had pulled out before the start and that happened to be in the lane directly outside of GB Junior's lane 5, and for whatever reason, the last leg runner for the Junior team was waiting in that empty lane!

          Joy Eze was furious as she slowed to a stop beside her confused team mate, clearly remonstrating with them about what the HELL they were doing in the wrong lane.


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            Can’t see Beth Dobbin being used when it gets to the World Champs. She just hasn’t proved she has the 100m flat speed yet. I suspect being a fringe part of the 4x100m team has put a pause on giving the 400m a go which is a shame. But I can see her easily making the team in the 200m.


            • trickstat
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              Can see her falling between 2 stalls in a relay sense, and, even if she makes a team as a 200m runner, only getting a run in either relay in an emergency.

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            I swear people have been predicting Asha's demise from the relay squad for about 4/5 years now. Awuah was a 'certainty' to take her place a few years back but has never really kicked on from her junior days.

            Asha ran.11.38 earlier this Month in Florida and it will not surprise me if she's running circa 11.2 at trials, she always seems to turn up in decent form there. She won't run leg 1 forever but someone will have to earn their place and I don't see any obvious candidate yet.


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              ashas 32 this year and i imagine has no plans to retire until after the next olympics, so will be planning to be around for two years after this, the fact that awuah has not pushed on and henry is still nowhere near her best means she has every chance of being in the team until then , nelson and b williams are also around, amy hunts the only youngster that looks like she could make the team but is currently injured and will miss this season

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            Asha will turn up to the trials and step up her game no matter what form she has been in prior to that weekend. I fully expect to see her on the first leg of the relay this summer. Philip - Lansiquot - DAS - Neita seems to be where we’re going


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              Lansiquot has been doing a few more 200s, likely because she’s been told she needs that to be on the back stretch - she’s done a good job there before and is likely to be 11.0-11.1 this season. If Dina is 10.7 and Daryll 10.8/9, we’re solidly top 3 but a little lacking in leg speed for the top spot(s) without great baton work. In due course, you’d imagine that Amy Hunt would be most naturally suited to 2nd or 4th.

              Is DAS on lead-off a possibility? Put the rest of the teams under pressure early…


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                So Prescod didn’t turn up for relay practice and was voted out of the team, according to Kilty. Unlikely we’ll be seeing him in the team then this year even if his form does pick up.

                There’s still a lot of time between now and the World Champs and I do think the guys will start dropping times in the next few weeks, but the trials will come round quickly in just one months time


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                  Perhaps explains not being 100% yesterday - must have been pretty frosty at warm up!

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                  Oh dear. While i’m Not sure inclusion in the relay should be a voting matter, RP is sure not doing himself any favours, is he? I wonder how genuinely committed he is tbh, what with last year’s cakes saga.

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                  Well, there is *one* thing Prescod seems to have a talent for these days...

                  He's hella good at growing more and more unpopular with each passing year...

                  Oh, and alienating himself from his peers...

                  And saying and doing really *dumb* s***, which usually leads to the other two "talents".

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                Kitty’s latest views on Prescod.

                Sounds pretty authentic, unlike most of the “we all love each other” PR fluff.

                Richard Kilty has castigated his fellow sprinter Reece Prescod for talking ‘fucking bullshit’ after he suggested that CJ Ujah should not be ostracised for a drug ban that cost Team GB a 4x100m silver medal from the Tokyo Games


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                  Originally posted by Ursus
                  Kitty’s latest views on Prescod.

                  Sounds pretty authentic, unlike most of the “we all love each other” PR fluff.
                  Yeah... something tells me that as long as Kilty is part of the relay squad, then Prescod has *no* chance of getting on it. Just a hunch.


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                  Bianca Williams recorded her fastest time last night since 2018 with a slightly windy (+2.5) 11.35. In 2018 running similar times most of the season she peaked at the British Champs coming third in 11.20. Could be she might have something to say with regards to relay selection come the trials.


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                    Another contender for the womens team and certainly is making good progress is Kiah Dubarry-Gay who has steadily improved from 11.87 in 2019 to 11.34 this year. She may well be off the pace come June after a hard collegiate season but I would certainly like to see her at the trials and see if she could make the team as one for the future.


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                      My final pick of the day is Joe Ferguson after his exploits at the Loughborough International. His breakthrough was noted on the forum at the time but what struck me was the ease of his victories which suggested that there is much more to come this season when pushed all the way. His times are nothing special in world terms but if he can get on a fast track on one of those balmy late summer meets I can envisage hime rewriting his currents pbs down close to 10 for the 100 and 20.1 for the 200. Could be a surprise packet at the trials and of course there is definitely a slot up for grabs on the relays.


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                        Originally posted by Loop-guru
                        Another contender for the womens team and certainly is making good progress is Kiah Dubarry-Gay who has steadily improved from 11.87 in 2019 to 11.34 this year. She may well be off the pace come June after a hard collegiate season but I would certainly like to see her at the trials and see if she could make the team as one for the future.
                        Yes she is a great athlete - another from the late Lloyd Cowan's junior squad. Kiah has been good for a long time and improves every year, but seems to be a little under the radar in terms of getting any mentions! Her twin sister Nayanna has also reduced her 400m PB to 53.04s this season - a massive improvement from 55.47 in 2020, and she is likely to run faster at the NCAA prelims today. Two to watch who at 20, not 21 till the Autumn, will still be eligible next year for the European U23s