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Jodie Williams article, for interest.

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  • Jodie Williams article, for interest.

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    A very interesting article, and it's good to see that Jodie is in a good place both professionally and mentally, after the lows she's had since becoming a senior athlete.

    Also interesting to read that she is considering her options for the events to focus on, the 100m, 200m, and most intriguingly, the 400m.


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      It was intersting to read the BBC article on Ms. Williams from 2019 which alluded to future efforts at 400...

      well, I thought she had a terrific season. A great 400 PB, ran a very good Olympic final, only DASHER ran faster over 200 among the Brits in 2021, and one suspects she could still run a more than decent 100 ...

      Very deserving of funding, though I did note in this interview from 2019, what her view was then, "It's difficult to be tied into funding. You never know year to year what's going to happen and it puts pressure on people."

      Fingers crossed she remains fit and healthy, with a good winter training behind her, 2022 could be very intersting for her.

      I only wish that the lovely Desiree Henry has a similar change in fortunes.


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        I do wonder if Henry might look at Jodie’s success over 400m and look to switch…her 52.27 off 200m training bodes very well.