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British Athletics take only 400m Squad to world relays

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  • British Athletics take only 400m Squad to world relays

    Not sure if any of you noticed but the relays policy published last Friday and from the announced team today, there will only be a BA 4x400 squad (standard and mixed) going to the relays comp in 3 weeks


    Apart from the covid situation, taking a small limited team is kind of strange no? Unless of course, we have huge faith in our 4x100 and the competitions practice they may get in advance of Tokyo. (our 4x100 is ranked rather well)

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    I hadn't seen the announcment ...

    The British team for the 2021 World Athletics Relays in Silesia, Poland, 1-2 May:


    Amy Allcock (Glyn Hawkes; Aldershot Farnham and District)

    Zoey Clark (Eddie McKenna; Thames Valley)

    Emily Diamond (Benke Blomkvist; Bristol & West)

    Yasmin Liverpool (Stewart Marshall; Coventry)

    Jessie Knight (Marina Armstrong; Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow)

    Laviai Nielsen (Christine Harrison-Bloomfield; Enfield and Haringey)

    Ama Pipi (Linford Christie; Enfield and Haringey)

    Jessica Turner (Nick Dakin; Amber Valley and Erewash)


    Joe Brier (Matt Elias; Swansea)

    Dwayne Cowan (Hercules Wimbledon)

    Charlie Dobson (Benke Blomkvist; Colchester)

    Efe Okoro (Tony Hadley; Birchfield)

    Martyn Rooney (Nick Dakin; Croydon)

    Lee Thompson (John Henson; Sheffield & Dearne)

    James Williams (self-coached; Liverpool Harriers)

    Rabah Yousif Bkheit (Carol Williams; Newham & Essex Beagles)


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      Stew-Coach, I note your young charge is included - I hope all is well with her. A couple of obvious absentees from the women's (Jodie Williams, Amber Anning) I suspect for very good reasons, but it does go to show that the women's 400 is going to be a very interesting selection battle for Tokyo . Where the men's could not be more underwhelming. I know MHS recently ran, but I frankly have given up being excited by his potential.

      I have no idea why they have not selected any 4x100, but I hope the likely candidates are chomping at the bit to compete ...


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        Thank you, she is doing well. Putting in the work for hopes/dreams further down the line.

        I think the women's Tokyo squad will be medal contenders definitely, When you consider who isn't included in this list for sure, Jodie, Amber, Line, Beth and even Hannah W (will need a 51.x to make the squad IMO)

        I hope we get 4 men in the 45.x shape for Tokyo.

        Actually was looking to see if there will be chance for the 4x100, I guess the team Champs would be their option, with perhaps allowing the short sprinters more time to focus on their individual performance.


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          Re: 4 men ... is that 45 pius age group LOL as it is geting that way

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        I think it's possibly to do with not having people based in the US or Caribbean travel unnecessarily which is understandable. Those missing from the 4x4 squads like MHS, Anning & Jodie Williams are all in the US at the moment.

        The core of the Men's 4x1 team (Adam G; Zharnel & NMB) are all based in Florida/Jamaica. Most of the women are based in the UK though, apart from Daryll Neita so I think they could have entered a strong women's team still.

        I would imagine other alternative competitions are being lined up. European Team Champs at the end of May is an obvious one and they often have relay races at the Anniversary Games. The 4x1 teams do obviously need competitions having not run since Doha


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          The answer on the 4 x 100m

          Performance Director, Sara Symington, said, “We are really pleased to be selecting strong teams for the respective relay events. Maintaining the health and safety of all athletes, coaches and team personnel is of paramount importance to us, as is recognising athletes wishes in their preparation for Tokyo, so all athletes were given the option to opt-in or opt-out of the event for this year.

          “In terms of the men’s and women’s 4x100m relays, it was a joint decision between the British Athletics Performance team and the respective 4x100m squads to not enter teams for those events to the World Athletics Relays.


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            the GB mens team members is pretty dreadful, by international standards. i cannot see too high a standard in the competition with the OG, Pandemic issues and general travelling problems.
            Are we going to get the slowest bunch of 400m guys for many years that we appear to have this year.