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  • That last sentence is pie in the sky nonsense. The only athlete who put bums on seats etc was UB a great athlete who had genuine charm and was mostly laughing at himself. The dreadful media mainstream and social media has no interest in athletics issues and performers and just wants to talk for a few days about this silly girl until the next bit of news takes over.
    The social media freaks will do absolutely nothing for athletics. SO ludicrous that people would take up track or go to a meeting because of some fracas in the USA about somebody. The biggest reason why not, may be connected with the fact that a few days ago it was super shoes,tracks and doping but it's what was on TV this week end. The matters that drive discussion on American TV are beyond adult discussion ; the entire culture and value system is that of the madhouse. Dont let's worry the next sports issue is round the corner, awaited keenly by NBC and the social media twitter exponents.


    • Spoken like someone who is completely out of touch with how the next generation thinks

      "bums on seats" isn't the metric used to determine whether something is successful anymore, "eyeballs on streams" is more important, and will continue to increase in relevance even more over the forthcoming years.

      What's on American TV doesn't matter that much either, fewer and fewer are watching TV, news and discussions are being led by Social Media that you seem to dismiss so easily.


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        You are right about the way things are going but will eyeballs on streams appreciate empty stadiums and nil atmosphere?
        It was interesting to observe the Anniversary Games crowd dwindle year by year after 2012 and the crowd's behaviour - attention span, interest in many of the events, movement in the crowd etc - steadily change. Athletics has a challenge. Some sports are adapting to the 'next generation'. Others will find it more difficult.
        I think Athletics is one of those.

    • They are still talking about her 2 months after the trials and there is a WC next year where I can almost guarantee that any coverage in the US will feature her "redemption story" if she gets her head in the game. Again, as someone on the ground, as it were, I can only report how the story has been handled and what support/focus has been on her in the States from the general public. I'll just say this - there's far more people talking about athletics now (and her in particular) than there were 5 months ago.

      And this might be hard for some people to imagine, but my comment about encouraging people to take up track or attend a meet wasn't limited to those in the English countryside. If you can't see why Richardson might appeal to a section of the younger generation in the States that might not seriously have considered athletics before now, I don't know what else to say.

      None of us can say with any certainty what will happen, but I'm willing to say that if we think that just having quiet, mild mannered well performing athletes is honestly the way forward in keeping the sport alive and centre stage, I think we're probably all guilty of smoking what Richardson was. There's a reason that they do fancy light shows, and staged intros, at events now. People want to be entertained. We don't necessarily have to like that, but it's the reality we face.


      • Yeah, the cricket hundred was instructive. Personally I hate the format - give me a test match going into the final session on the 5th day any day of the week.

        But I’m a dinosaur (or at least feeling like one) and there’s no doubt the short snappy format with peripheral stuff going on clearly appeals. It brought in big crowds and many trying cricket for the first time; for some a good night out will morph into a real love of the game.

        While I don’t like gimmicks, there’s no doubt that athletics must up its appeal.

        Ref the Anniversary Games that was hideously over bloated. IIRC it initially spanned 3 days including one devoted to Para - that was crest of a wave stuff and never going to last. In the current era the action has to be high quality and come thick and fast.

        Athletics is also best served in stadia where fans are close to the action and the Olympic Stadium isn’t that. Fine for global champs that attract big crowds but soulless otherwise.


        • i wonder if McColgan has races to run this year still; it would be a disappointing end after so much promise in the early summer.


          • You’re hard to please Philipo. McColgan fulfilled the promise of her early season runs with a British 5,000m record and a highly creditable performance in the Olympic 10,000m. What more could we expect? She’s had a great year.


            • Well completely misunderstood, presumably deliberate. The promise I referred to was her 14.28 of early summer. Her performances await her races if any ,post Tokyo. You guys love shouting out for performances, I look for consistency. Her 14.28 was done on July 1st. Summer was 10 days old. Thus my post said "early summer".
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              • Sam Talbot will be taking part in this weekend’s multi-event championships in Manchester according to the England Athletics preview, as is Andrew Murphy, a 7500 man from a few years back


                • Originally posted by treadwater1
                  Sam Talbot will be taking part in this weekend’s multi-event championships in Manchester according to the England Athletics preview, as is Andrew Murphy, a 7500 man from a few years back
                  I saw that.

                  At Manchester this weekend it's the Under 17 and Under 15 Age Group Combined Event Champs.

                  But Talbot et al are taking part in something called the European Athletics Combined Events Challenge. Not sure of the calibre of entries from overseas. But with the demise of the European Cup Combined Events this could be a much needed addition to the calendar for me. There needs to be international competitions outside of the World Athletics Combined Events Challenges (the traditional late season meeting in that series in Talence has been cancelled this year.) to provide opportunities for athletes including Ranking Points.


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                    Sam is taking part - solid start so far. Would love him to give the 400H a serious try, but he’s less keen! Tough to learn an 11th event and especially when it’s one where you need to commit to see the big chunks of time drop off….

                  • carterhatch
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                    Yes, JimboJames, just good to see Sam competing in a multi events again...

                  • jjimbojames
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                    Indeed…hopefully a good Day 2 to come

                • Fabulous running from Francine Niyonsaba, I'm pleased for her, she has always handled the situation she finds herself in with dignity, but I feel she is well on her way to proving the IAAF correct.


                  • The rigid diamond league structure has led to some slightly flat meetings post Tokyo. After those incredible performances at the Olympics the most in demand athletes are not being showcased. There hasn’t been a male 400 hurdles race since Tokyo and only one women’s triple jump in the last three meetings.

                    There is a men’s hurdles race in Brussels, but there we won’t see Rojas jump until the final meeting in Zurich. The conditions were perfect today, it would have been great to see her have another crack at the WR


                    • WORLD RECORD at the Antrim Coast Half Marathon!

                      Yalemzerf Yehualaw ran 63:43 demolishing Ruth Chepngetich's 64:02 from Istanbul in April.


                      • 60.34 pb for Marc Scott in the men’s event.


                        • None of the Brits did owt great at the Rovereto WACT Silver meeting.

                          Catalin Tecuceanu (ROU) was a very surprise winner of the 800 in 1:45.19 (a 0.55s PB). He races a lot in Italy so I think he must be based there.

                          There was a pair of good 3000m races. In the Women's race there was a ton of PBs (not marked correctly on the official results) - Svetlana Aplachkina (ANA) 8:39.95 PB led home 4 women at 8:41 or better including Elena Burkard 8:40.46 PB and Dani Jones 8:41.01 PB. Sarah Healy bettered her PB from 12 days ago by 5 seconds with 8:52.63 for 6th place.
                          In the Men's ... Elzan Bibic has really found some form, outkicking Iguider to win in 7:39.45 PB.

                          Michael Cherry won the 400 in 44.55 and eased up with 10m to go for some reason, jogging over the line.

                          Christin Hussong won the Diamond League Jav with a 66.06 best from Muze & Ogrodnikova.

                          Full Results:


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                            Apparently, Tecuceanu is close to being qualified for Italy.

                        • Originally posted by LuckySpikes
                          None of the Brits did owt great at the Rovereto WACT Silver meeting.
                          Did anyone watch it? I see Rowden DNF.