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  • trickstat
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    Agree with MysteryBrick. If Crouser is slightly under par, he comes within range of what Kovacs and Walsh have done. If Vetter is slightly below par, someone else will have to improve quite a bit to beat him.

  • LuckySpikes
    There's a lot of big names in action tomorrow & Wednesday at the meetings in Luzern, Castellón, Bydgoszcz & Liège. All live streaming of course.

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  • LoveSprints1
    Originally posted by philipo View Post

    So its down to training facilities: I believe talent and hard work with coaching is the most important issue and the super talents which appear withe great regularity in the States from nowhere should be replicated in this country or say France, Germany Italy even if infrequently. Doesn't happen, only across the pond
    I believe there is a lot of naivety around about American clean? athletes
    We are surely all aware of the history of cheating sprinters in America.
    A lot of our sprinters are spending an increasing amount of time across the pond with wonder coaches, facilities etc: are you stating they are all un talented compared to the Americans,. if not why no comparable NCAA s
    uper improvements??
    If only DAS had spent all her time in USA she might be running 10.60 s I suppose. Get away with it !!
    You are such a jackass @phillipo. Last time I am going to respond to anything you say, as you bore me. Laters!

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  • MysteryBrick
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    I think so, just because there are two guys who have thrown 22.91 and 22.90 around in the Shot.

  • Occasional Hope
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    More than Crouser?