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    About time we had an outdoor thread for this year started.

    Eilish McColgan Ran 31:08 10k in Dubai on Friday

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    Lots of inponderables in this (perhaps) Olympic year. Nevertheless, WA now have an integrated calendar (also with results links) - No road races have been added to it yet though.

    For road races & cross country there's been many postponements and much uncertainty about upcoming events. However, always one of the highlights of early-year road-racing, the Osaka Women's Marathon, still looks like it's going ahead on 31st January.

    Down Under the outdoor track & field season will soon be getting into full swing (with many meetings live streamed). The first major meeting is the Zatopek:10 on 26th January.

    Also, there's a big outdoor mid/long-distance meeting in Austin, Texas on 26-27 February aimed at getting standards for the Olympics or for the US Olympic Trials. I don't yet know streaming/broadcast plans for that.


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      Apropos of nothing, other than I'm searching for live streaming NCAA meetings ... What a setting for an athletics track!:

      It's the track for Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.


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        #ImInlove thats beaut

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        And the world’s best dug-outs!

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      LOL, watch this (it's 19 seconds long) ... (you might need to click the volume control to hear it)

      I'll say no more!


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        WA have published the calendar for this year's WA Label Road Races with what appears to be a change from Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Labels to a less clear Elite Platinum Label, Elite Label & Label system.


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          Terrific Women's 10,000 at the Zatopek:10 in Oz yesterday. Watch the last 2200m by going to the 3 hour 26 minute mark of the stream at

          If you read my notes for the race on the Live Streaming Links thread, one of the names I mentioned might have elicited a "Who's she?" response ... ...


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            Distance running heaven in Texas on the 26th & 27th of this month ...

            The fields for the outdoor Texas Qualifier are cracking! See the image below for just some of the names entered.

            On the Friday there's races (800 through to 10,000 but no Steeple) for those looking for US Olympic Trials standards. Then on the Saturday there's more races, this time aimed at getting Olympic standards.

            It's all going to be live on YouTube.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	EslptT8W8AAjJWB?format=jpg&name=medium.jpg Views:	0 Size:	276.7 KB ID:	26712


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              Marc Scott ran a 3000 pb in Arizona on 6/2 (7.36).


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                Chipkoech sets a new WR for the 5km Road Race.

                Steeplechase world champion Beatrice Chepkoech breaks the women's 5km road world record, finishing the Monaco Run in 14 minutes 43 seconds.

                It’s on YT.


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                  For the last few years the NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships have only been available to watch live if you had a FloTrack subscription ... However ...

                  Good news! The next 4 editions including next month's rescheduled 2020 championships will be shown live on ESPNU - a channel that we can watch on the internet.


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                    A couple of good 10,000s in California this coming Sunday early morning (on YouTube).

                    Going for Olympic standards in the women's (31:25) are Karissa Schweizer, Emily Infeld, Eilish McColgan & others.

                    Marc Scott going in the men's (Oly standard 27:28) alongside the likes of Ed Cheserek, Grant Fisher & Ben True.

                    The TEN will take place on March 5th and will host one of the best distance nights in the World. Check here for entries, schedule, results, and viewing info.


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                      Predictions for Marc Scott? According to the IAAF Scoring tables his recent 3000 pb is worth 27:16. Sub 27:20 with the new spikes (which I imagine are an even bigger benefit over the longer distances) seems realistic but I'm going to predict sub-27:10 on the basis that 10,000 was originally his speciality and the Bowerman Track Club do heavy mileage under Jerry Schumacher.

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                      I'll be more conservative for Marc Scott - 27:20 with a slight negative split.

                      Karissa Schweizer should smash through the Olympic standard. If they're being paced to 5000 in 15:42 I can see her going close to 15-flat for the last 5000 for a time in the 30:40's. Really hoping Emily Infeld can get the standard though that may be touch and go. I'm not convinced she's back to her best after some major hip surgery a year or so ago. Eilish McColgan already has the standard from June 2019 at Highgate - I think that is still valid for qualy purposes. Anyway, I'll say 31:30-ish for her.

                    • Ladyloz
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                      Spot on with the prediction Sovietvest.

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                    hi Soviet
                    Why are wasting time on Letsrun, full of the nastiest cowardly sh*ts you will likely read on the endlessly paranoid stuff about drugs; these posters spend their time on rumours, and hide behind their anonimity. What a sad bunch.!
                    The subject currently running rampant on their message boards about rumours and gossip from athletes, ex-athletes, coaches and officials are not based on factual and proper evidence and will never be challenged satisfactorily.
                    Who, pray, gave you their anonymous evidence, rather than rumours, about brit runners of the 80s and 90s and also clinics and drugs that you have referred to; there is not the vestige of info that would hold up in court, but the nutters dont care about such things; a bit of envy, jealousy is so much easier to spout than hard based evidence.
                    Yes we all know that there were some miscreants in the British athletic fraternity; but the very fact of being on the MB of Letsrun looking at the endless accusations every time someone bursts forth in those countries that take doping seriously is beyond pathetic and sad.


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                      marc Scott wins a fine 10K race in 27.10.41. Is that the no. 2 british performer after Mo; ??


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                        Scott did most of the leading after 5K and ran the last mile in 4.08 and bits , finishing with a 57.13 final lap. At last another decent 10 K runner apart from Mo;!!. 13.45 plus 13.25. Well done to Scott.
                        Lets hope there is more to come in Summer.. Hope the conditions in Tokyo are not too different from last nights race;


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                          I dare say Sam Atkin’s 27.26 is worth close to that, given the context of his race. Hopefully, a bit of ‘domestic’ rivalry pushes them on and encourages others to join the party...