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  • Road racing 2019

    Just a thread to wrap up marathons, HMs etc on the road in 2019 - kick starting with the news that Mo is scheduling London in 2019, confirmed in AW today.

    Presumably aiming for that then Doha in September.

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    Wasn't Mo talking a month or two ago about maybe doing the 10,000 in Doha? I don't know if it was as well as the marathon or only the 10,000.

    I wonder though if the marathon training would take off the edge he had in the 10,000. It's about to become a tougher event I think with very young guys like Joshua Cheptegei, Rhonex Kipruto & Jacob Kiplimo coming through. Perhaps Kejelcha will give it a go too? He's been running half marathons.

    So, what odds would you give to the following scenarios:

    A. Mo runs only the 10,000 in Doha and then goes for a big pay day at Chicago (too soon after?) or New York?
    B. Mo runs both the 10,000 and the marathon in Doha? (Rupp did pretty well at that double in Rio)
    C. Mo runs only the marathon in Doha?


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      I'd suggest that unless they've actually seen better speed in 10k-relevant training sessions throughout his marathon training than when he was specifically training for track racing, it would be very risky to go for the 10,000m.

      I run for my own sanity, and I know that if I train for a marathon (say, 45-50 miles per week) the end result is a) I can run a marathon quite well but b) my prowess at 10k is actually improved arguably more significantly. I wouldn't assume that that same logic applied to an elite marathoner where the mileage volumes will be significantly higher, but it wouldn't entirely surprise me if elite marathon training which included a decent proportion of speedwork too could be very close to being optimal training for a marathon as much as for a 10000m.

      I think the lure of a medal is strong for Mo - but if he doesn't take his chance on a marathon medal in Doha I think he'd be daft.


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        I think you're right, Larkim. In the past Kipchoge has shown no interest in the marathon at World Championships so the gold medal could be very much up for grabs. Maybe though Kipchoge decides he wants to complete the set and he does compete in Doha ...

        In either case, if I were Mo I'd do only the marathon in Doha. He's got nothing left to prove at the 10,000.


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          Elsewhere (i.e. facebook) there is a lot of cynicism about Mo's team murmuring about track returns etc. There's a lot of antagonism around with disgruntled "old school" runners from bygone eras fearing that the structural setup to support Mo is missing out on supporting the next tier and development etc. And then on top of that they are cynically expecting Mo (on funding) to simply chase the cash in marquee marathons and end up giving Doha (and Tokyo) a miss. Honestly I can't see that happening,

          I think it misses the point that Mo is a medal chaser at heart, but there is so much deep seated resentment about individuals like Neil Black and Gary Lough, and UKA as a whole, that perhaps judgements are clouded. Cryptically there are observations about "I can't say any more, but it will become clearer in a few months" from individuals who are relatively well connected (though still "outsiders" from the UKA setup).

          But if nothing else it keeps me interested in it - I love a bit of intrigue!!


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            Caught up with Farah on ITV with Jonathan Ross. He seemed (in his not very clear way!) to confirm he'll be on the track in Doha. I'm surprised.


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              Lough and Farah are probably influenced by the fact Paula ran a pb at 10,000 after moving up to the Marathon. In turn, she always points to Kristiansen who successfully combined Marathon & 10,000. He's probably also done some 10k-type sessions that have surprised him by being as good as, or better than, the past (I suspect he always trained more for the 5,000, given how quick his 1500 was).

              Paula never won a global 10,000 however and Kristiansen won hers in a less competitive era. If Farah wins another global 10,000 after the transition to the marathon training he will be doing something quite unprecedented. Geb never came close. Bekele didn't try it.

              I wouldn't be surprised Farah ran a 10,000 pb next year, like Paula did, but I can't see him winning the 10,000 in Doha against the new generation. He was only ever a few tenths quicker over the last lap than the rest and I can't see how he can retain the same speed with older legs that have trained for the longer distance. HIs best tactic would be something completely new - leading and making it hard from a long way out.

              As for what he should or shouldn't do? Whatever gets him most motivated and he most enjoyed. He owes us nothing and anything he achieves from now on is just further icing on a 12 tiered golden cake


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                With you on that last paragraph certainly. He owes us nothing.

                My concern is broadly the same as yours about losing finishing speed trading off against better endurance. I'm just intrigued as to how it will pan out, and why him seemingly announcing his return to track (from his own mouth) didn't seem to get picked up in the media at all - I'm wondering if he talked it back after the show so the journalists have stood down on the subject.

                If his endurance is better now than it was, it wouldn't be too big a leap to think that he could go for the tape tactically from 2k out instead of 600m out and still use his inherent speed to close things out.

                But emotionally I want to see him win a marathon global medal.


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                  Me too - I'd much rather see him win in the Doha or Tokyo marathons. Assuming Kipchoge didn't go to Doha, I doubt Farah would face any other Major Marathon winners and might even be favourite. Who was the last male World or Olympic 5000m/ 10000m winner to also win a World or Olympic Marathon? Zatopek? Achieving what Viren, Geb and Bekele couldn't would really be something and would add much more to his legacy than another track gold.


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                    If you don't already listen to the Marathon Talk podcast, a great couple of last episodes with long Steph Twell interviews about her Valencia experience. She's a really interesting interviewee, very open about her approach and the race day experience., worth a listen.