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Linford Christie furiously accuses the Met of institutional racism

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    So, while having apologised for distress and having referred the matter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the Met Commissioner says she personally can’t see any evidence of racism, that any officer worth their salt would have stopped a car driving in that manner and that the Met’s own professional standards people couldn’t see any misconduct either. Also makes the point that she’s seen a lot of footage not in the public domain.

    Pretty clear what she thinks. She’d be reckless to say all that if she wasn’t sure of her ground.
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      Precisely what I would expect from someone in her position - she is the public face of the Met. One outcome may be that the report says the officers followed the rules but that the rules are in need of reform, but the additional footage will be key, I think. Sharing that would help the court of public opinion


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        She is the public face of the Met and the rank and file would expect her to have their backs. But in the current climate she’d be nuts to try to defend the indefensible.

        Re changing rules, I think there was something along those lines earlier in the case about the use of handcuffs.

        Only those who have seen all the evidence like Dick, unlike us, can make a judgement on what really happened. Not sure about counter arguing in the court of public opinion - are the police restricted from sharing anything which may subsequently be used as evidence in court / disciplinary proceedings? Would also be curious to know if the athletes tried to resolve this through official channels before taking to Twitter.