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2019 GB Medal Prospects and the World Rankings

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  • 2019 GB Medal Prospects and the World Rankings

    With the World Relays reminding us of how poor we always are in May, Philipo was prompted to post one of his annual warnings of imminent failure at world level.

    Philipo wrote
    "clearly with long relays possibly not bringing the usual medals this year and no Mo presence, i think that the pressure on Laura and DAS will be intense to achieve medals in the WC. Of course i accept that what we have seen in an early May competition will not be replicated in the start in October due to the month we are in, but it is going to be even tougher to assume the usual 4 to 6 medals this year."

    So I thought I would see how we are actually doing as measured by the IAAF World Rankings.

    These are the highest ranked GB athletes at present -

    Laura Muir (1st 1500m)
    Dina Asher-Smith (2nd 100m)
    Dina Asher-Smith (2nd 200m)
    Katarina Johnson-Thompson (2nd Heptathlon)
    Shara Procter (3rd Long Jump)
    Matthew Hudson-Smith (3rd 400m)
    Reece Prescod (4th 100m)
    Lorraine Ugen (4th Long Jump)
    Zharnel Hughes (6th 100m)
    Holly Bradshaw (7th Pole Vault)
    Mo Farah (7th Marathon)
    Meghan Beesley (7th 400mH)
    Laura Weightman (8th 1500m)
    Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (8th 200m)
    Eilish McColgan (8th 5000m)
    Tim Duckworth (8th Decathlon)
    Niamh Emerson (9th Heptathlon)
    Lynsey Sharp (9th 800m)
    Eilidh Doyle (10th 400mH)
    Adam Gemili (11th 200m)
    Nick Miller (11th Hammer)
    Melissa Courtney (11th 5000m)
    Morgan Lake (11th High Jump)
    Imani Lansiquot (11th 100m)
    Sara McDonald (11th 1500m)
    Andy Pozzi (12th 110mH)
    Laviai Nielsen (12th 400m)
    Jazmin Sawyers (12th Long Jump)

    out of those I would be hopeful of Muir, DAS (x2), KJT, and perhaps one of the Long Jump ladies and Prescod getting medals, plus 1 or 2 relay medals.
    Perhaps 8 or 9 good chances with plenty of finals representation.

    In my opinion we stand roughly on a par with 2017 which resulted in 6 medals and our highest ever Placing Table performance.

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    Track and Field News, who generally aren’t particularly generous to us Brits think we’ll win 6 medals. This from earlier in the year:

    You can label me an optimist but I think the situation we find ourselves in early 2019 is slightly better than the equivalent position in 2017. Nick Miller managed peaking quite well in 2017 and has the 80m throw in his repertoire now. 3rd on the world lists last year. I also think there’s a chance Zharnel could pip Prescod to that Bronze as he did last year in Berlin should he contest the 100


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      Thanks for the link. That T&FN prediction was written before KJT's mature and encouraging performance at Glasgow. I would be surprised if so many people left her out of their top 3 now.

      As well as those in the IAAF top twelve I think there are a few more capable of reaching WC finals - Sophie Hitchon, Kyle Langford, Jake Wightman, Shelayne Oskan-Clarke...…...come to mind.


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        I did not predict "imminent failure"; if one reads what I wrote, "It is going to be tougher to assume the usual 4 to 6 medals" ( individual is what i am referring to).
        Did i miss something ?; in 2017 we achieved in the WC 2 gold medals by Mo and 4 relay medals. Thank god for Mo; and that was in our own backyard.
        I seem to recall that the experts on this site were claiming far better chances of medals at the time.


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          Laps commented
          Editing a comment
          Every medal table I have ever seen has included relay medals. To separate them out and claim you are only talking about individual medals is a device to help you talk down GB performance. Silly. The 'experts' you are referring to are the perennial optimists who seem not to be bothered about realistic predictions.