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  • Ten Thousand New Coaches

    EA set a target of 10,000 new coaches by 2020. That works out around 7 new coaches per club if you include all the jogging clubs. No ideas how they are going to make this happen. Anyone want to give odds on the likelihood of hitting that target in the next two years !

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    What are the odds? ... 10,000 to 1 ??

    I agree. It does seem like a ridiculously ambitious target by 2020 even if it is getting social media support from prominent athletes and figures in the sport.


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      A laudable aim but as always it fails to address the shortfalls of our coaching system. More coaches are always welcome but I would like to see more specific targets related to events/disciplines, level of of qualification and location. Also, the numbers of coaches who drop out of the sport and those who never actually coach.

      There will not be 10000 extra coaches as several thousand will have given up coaching, many will will be leaders of jogging groups and many young people just want the certificate. What about setting targets for throws coaches or hurdles coaches or pole vault coaches etc? What about recruiting, training and retaining coaches for each event in all areas/ sub areas or even track & field clubs?

      Although welcome, we are mainly seeing targets related to fitness and health rather than the sport of athletics.