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Changes ahead? Scathing review into UKA

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    More female coaches means more coaches which tends to be a good thing for the sport.


    • Laps
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      This is very true but the article I read as being about UK Sport funded coaching positions and a quota percentage target to be met in four years.
      All good if there are more resources (as if?) and competition for places but someone will be trying to meet this percentage target regardless.

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    Funding for the next Olympic cycle is announced, as expected monies will be given to basketball, squash and weightlifting that are under represented. What I didn’t see coming was the severity of the cuts to the core Olympic sports - athletics 10%, swimming 11% and gymnastics 10%. The swimmers and gymnasts in particular did superbly in Rio, I fail to see why they should be the ones to take the brunt when it comes to funding cuts.

    Munday and Grainger talk of a more inclusive approach with more money going to sports that might be taken by kids in cities and towns, which has its merits, yet Sailing which only produced 3 medals in Rio and is participated in by barely anyone still receives more money than gymnastics and swimming
    Olympic sport Amount awarded
    Archery £2,134,257
    Athletics £22,175,520
    Badminton £3,154,358
    Boxing £11,395,507
    Canoeing £12,108,836
    Cycling £27,601,684
    Diving £8,463,542
    Equestrian £11,085,964
    Gymnastics £12,510,990
    Hockey £12,376,622
    Judo £5,446,804
    Modern pentathlon £4,391,183
    Rowing £22,212,008
    Sailing £21,338,088
    Shooting £5,802,749
    Swimming £16,590,017
    Taekwondo £7,776,898
    Triathlon £6,806,550


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      I wonder if some sort of virtual assessment was done estimating how various sports might have done if Tokyo had happened this year. My guess is this would have suggested lesser results for gymnastics and swimming than in Rio. I'm not sure if you can justify a sport having higher funding leading up to 2024 based on great results in 2016 achieved by people who have largely gone off the scene 8 years later. I have no idea what the current prognosis for sailing is.

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      ... and sailing is basically a more expensive sport to compete in than athletics, gymnastics and swimming