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Changes ahead? Scathing review into UKA

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    'Big shift' in UK Sport funding for Olympics and Paralympics

    It looks like the various reviews into how effect UK Sport funding is at delivering success, indeed defining ‘success’, have started to come to conclusions and changes are being suggested. The article doesn’t go into much detail but I can’t fault their aim to achieve medals in a wider range of sports.

    The one obvious downside to moving towards a 12 year cycle is that funding decisions that could affect how well we do down the line will be made in the near future. Say we do poorly in the swimming pool in Tokyo and a decision is made to reduce funding levels, any world class athletes that do emerge in 7-8 years might not receive the backing that the current model provides. This new system needs to be versatile enough to allow for these types of fluctuation


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      Looks like Britain’s golden age of lottery-funded sporting success is coming to an end. These changes will just divert money from successful athletes & programmes to box-ticking quangocrats.


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        "When it comes to the funding decisions that we take, things like an enhanced integrity system, more athlete support, better provision for mental health, those things will be the first names on the team sheet when it comes to our investments of funding," he said.

        As I wrote at the start of this thread the medal chances will be slipping away to be replaced by.....the PC brigade, box ticking and virtue signalling?
        In future we will be measuring UK sporting success by a graph showing a reduction in athletes complaints.
        These I take largely to be the Snowflake generation and old school coaching and management becoming incompatible. Not a crisis which required major surgery.

        Lets hope that view is too pessimistic because as soon as the medals dry up so will the money.