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  • World Athlete Of The Year

    The long lists are:

    Dina Asher-Smith (GBR

    Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN)

    Sifan Hassan (NED)

    Caterine Ibarguen (COL)

    Mariya Lasitskene (ANA)

    Shaunae Miller-Uibo (BAH)

    Sandra Perkovic (CRO)

    Caster Semenya (RSA)

    Nafissatou Thiam (BEL)

    Anita Wlodarczyk (POL)


    Timothy Cheruiyot (KEN)

    Christian Coleman (USA)

    Armand Duplantis (SWE)

    Eliud Kipchoge (KEN)

    Emmanuel Korir (KEN)

    Noah Lyles (USA)

    Luvo Manyonga (RSA)

    Kevin Mayer (FRA)

    Abderrahman Samba (QAT)

    Tomas Walsh (NZL)

    There’s very little to separate Semenya and Miller-Uibo, both hold WLs and won the DL in their main events and were amongst the best in the world in their second events. It’s highly likely they will give it to Chepkoech after the WR, but I’m still uneasy about it.

    Its virtually impossible to choose between Mayer and Kipchoge. Mayer’s lapse at the Euros may count against him and Kipchoge dominance over such a long period might sway the judges

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    It's always difficult to compare across events especially when athletes in a couple of those events only compete 2 or 3 times a year.

    My first step would be to narrow it down to athletes who were undefeated during the season in their main event (including indoors). If they were beaten once or twice in an event that's not their main event then I might disregard that.

    That leaves ...

    Caterine Ibarguen - unbeaten in 8 TJ competitions, won 4 of 6 LJ competitions and won the rare TJ/LJ double at DL finals & Continental Cup
    Shaunae Miller-Uibo - unbeaten in 12 finals from 150m to 400m
    Caster Semenya - unbeaten in 8 finals at 800; beaten twice in 14 races at other distances
    Nafi Thiam - unbeaten in 2 heptathlons and won 1 of 2 HJ competitions outside heptathlons

    Tough on Lasitskene who won all the 3 major competitions available to her - World Indoors, Europeans & Diamond League. You might say however that she's "allowed" one bad day in 26 competitions? Also tough on Chepkoech who was beaten just once in 8 Steeple races but did set that other-worldly WR.

    Eliud Kipchoge - unbeaten in 2 races, both marathons; normally would I rule him out for not competing enough BUT ...
    Emmanuel Korir - unbeaten in 9 finals at 800 & 400; It's been a long time since we've had a top-class 800 runner with such 400m speed (44.21)
    Noah Lyles - unbeaten in 5 finals at 200 with an all-time equalling set of marks for one season (4 under 19.7); beaten several times at 60m/100m
    Abderrahman Samba - unbeaten in 9 finals at 400H. Five times under 47.5 - the most ever in 1 season beating Ed Moses with 4? Beaten once in 3 400m finals

    Again I have to rule out someone setting a world record. Given how infrequently Mayer competes in his main event, the Euro DNF was significant enough I think.

    So, for the women ...
    Thiam doesn't compete "frequently enough" in her main event. To be in the reckoning she'd had to have had set a WR or narrowly miss it. Ibarguen's doubling in the TJ & LJ was impressive but she needed to have gone over both 15m and 7m to be in contention. Semenya - well I just can't bring myself to consider it. So, my very deserved winner would be Shaunae Miller-Uibo. She defeated all-comers in the 200 and ran a rare sub-49 too.

    For the men ...
    Lyles was obviously very impressive at 200m but had too many defeats at 60/100m. I would have wanted him to run a couple more 200s. Korir very impressive too but didn't race often enough for my liking. Here's where it gets tricky - Samba or Kipchoge? Samba had a banner season with times I don't think we'd imagined seeing. Usually my knock on Kipchoge would be that he races so infrequently. Had Kipchoge only broken the WR by a few seconds I'd give it to Samba but because he absolutely smashed it by 79 seconds, I have to say that Eliud Kipchoge would edge my vote for male AOY.
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      Your analysis is sound, for sure, and I cannot vote for Semenya under any circumstances; so I agree on Miller-Uibo as Female performer of the year.
      As for the men, the performance of Kipchoge was in a race on the best course and in the best conditionsy one might expect.A performance of the year for him, but I think that Sambas run of wins and times just about edges it for me.


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        SMU and Samba for me, too


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          So, it's Kipchoge and a surprise winner, Caterine Ibarguen.