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British athletics indoor championships 2020

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    Originally posted by Occasional Hope View Post
    Not enormous distances (but lots of seasons bests, no one had been over 16 this year) and quite a nice competitive tj comp.
    That was a better TJ comp than I was expecting actually, glad that the usual suspects managed to get some half-decent performances out there and got over 16 meters.


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      23.23 indoor PB from Ama Pipi in the women's 200m final. Looks like she's coming back to some of the form she showed a few years ago.
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        Tom Gale looking good in the high jump today, just cleared 2.27m first time and made it look easy too.


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          8Super win for Hodgkinson in the 800 at 17!
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          Originally posted by Occasional Hope View Post
          Super win for Hodgkinson in the 1500 at 17!
          800m, but yes, a tremendous performance from Hodgkinson. 2:04 indoors would be respectable for any athlete, but of course for her it's 3 seconds slower than her recently set European U-20 indoor record! She is a super talent and she's going to be certainly a big factor at the world juniors in July.


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            Yes, I know it is an Olympic year
            Yes, I know, that the lack of a world championship had an impact
            Yes, I know it is very common for athletes not to participate in an indoor season
            Yes, I know athletes are more than entitled to tailor a season to their own specific goals
            Yes, I know the England age championships were also on at the weekend

            But I was very underwhelmed by the weekend’s competition as I squinted at my second hand lap top for two long afternoons.

            But if UKA want the profile of athletics to compete against the ever growing popularity of other sports, and the seemingly downward trajectory of their own, then should they not at least encourage funded athletes to turn up for the ‘national’ championships?

            Yes, I know the likes of Pozzi, and Bradshaw would have had gained very little but those around such ‘stars’ would have benefited enormously to have watched the best we have go through the ‘skills and drills’.

            Then younger athletes like Reekie, having a full on indoor season, choose not to compete, why? Harry Coppell , competes elsewhere, sure he may have won easily given his current form, but does being national indoor champion mean nothing...

            To those who did attend, more often than not totally unfunded and costing them to travel and stay over the weekend, could there not have been some prize money available, as at least they turned up and gave UKA something to post on social media.


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              Originally posted by carterhatch View Post

              To those who did attend, more often than not totally unfunded and costing them to travel and stay over the weekend, could there not have been some prize money available, as at least they turned up and gave UKA something to post on social media.[/SIZE]
              I know that Dom Ashwell made a commitment to compete and spent hundreds of pounds on travel and accommodation knowing that potentially he wouldn't even get through the 1st round due to an ongoing injury. Unfortunately the final was 1 race to many for him on the day.
              Costs Would have been even more for the athletes competing on both days.

              Funded athletes should have it written into contracts that they will attend national Championships and compete for GB when requested.


              • carterhatch
                carterhatch commented
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                I could be wrong but 2 from 16 of Olympic Podium competed, 7 from 29 Olympic Podium Potential competed, and most telling of all, and just 1 of 23 on Olympic Relay competed.

              • larkim
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                OTOH, if all the funded athletes are obliged to turn up to events like the indoor champs by definition they would (mostly) run out as winners, and deprive some people of a legacy that they were the British Champ. I'm not into just giving "particpation" awards away, but the opportunity to be a national champion because you can only race against those who are there on the day might be just the motivation for some athletes to improve themselves. The funding is designed to achieve performances at Olympic / World level. If competing against less challenging athletes in the British Champs isn't considered a beneficial activity on the road to Tokyo, I'm happy to live with that, and enjoy the competitive events that we (mostly) saw at the champs.

              • trickstat
                trickstat commented
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                To be fair there are quite a few good reasons for a top athlete to not compete indoors - fear of injury, not being suited to it (especially up to 400m), preferring to run road and/or cross-country, preferring not to compete at this time of year.

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              I'm OK with the Indoors being voluntary.

              Have to say the attendance at outdoor champs has been much better the last 2 years after a litany of no shows in 2017. Much more important that the outdoors is a true showpiece event.


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                Was a good weekend and tbh with some very good competition and results. The organisation Id say was spot on! though that may have been helped by the lack of large entries.

                Also.... Carbon spikes are pretty good for the 800!😏


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                  i agree if athletes do not do the indoors not to make them do champs but athletes that are competing at indoors but choose to do indoor meetings abroad on the same weekend or same week devalue the champs both for fellow athletes and to to paying spectators