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    Originally posted by RunUnlimited View Post

    This next one is almost too obvious....

    Max Burgin, 800m, 17 (Doesn't turn 18 until May)

    If this guy has recovered sufficently from the leg injury that prevented him competing at the Euro U20s, then it will be hugely intriguing how he'll do against the best of Kenya at the World U20s in Nairobi this summer. His no-nonsense, front running style will be finally put up to a true test after he lay waste to Europe's best teenagers in 2018, and would have done even more damage in Boras bar that injury.
    Could we see a sub 1:45 from Burgin this year?

    Yes. Yes we could.


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      l o l

      Just saw the result today from Burgin.... I'm glad my prediction was proven correct.

      Holy Heck though... 1:44.75 at just 18!!

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    Interesting to see Hannah Williams 200 metres times this year bit windy but showing a marked improvement on her previous PB of 24.21. She's entered in the 100/200 I think for the UK Championships.Whats the game plan I wonder?

    Unless its another Hannah Williams..........there is an older girl......
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      What a difference 6 months can make.... re read the posts, and from various names mentioned, Jemma Rekkie and Jessie Knight are probably the two athletes that have emerged from this 'season' with the most gain in reputation... I dont think my prediction Thomas Staines even ran!


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        Earlier in the year when Jemma Reekie ran that 1:57.9, I kinda lost my breath when I saw that. I thought she looked awesome in 2019 winning at the Euro age group champs but I wasn't expecting this kind of season or times for her! Her consistency over the 800m has been very encouraging. It seems GB's best 800m runners are Andy Young's 1500 specialists.
        Keely Hodgkinson and Isabelle Boffey are improving indeed. Hodgkinson looked very capable and relaxed at the trials to me. Talent everywhere