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    Hello together,

    my name is Joshua and i’m from Cologne, Germany. I am currently working on my bachelor thesis at the German Sports University.

    In a worldwide study in cooperation with the Waseda University from Japan we are examining the behavior of the so called satellite fans. These are fans, who are interested in sport leagues, teams or athletes in foreign countries.

    Our current task is to spread the study to sport fans from the United Kingdom.

    I would appreciate, if you participate in our short survey. Thanks a lot. Joshua.

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    Hi Joshua,

    Just finished answering the questions. What is the topic of your bachelor thesis I wonder? Just curious, cause I had a similar task while working for the Kinesiology department (TAMUCC). I studied Psychological aspects of kinesiology and fans' reactions.
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      Hey Randy,

      thanks a lot!

      In first line it is a segmentation study to categorize the different types of satellite fans. Science is not really advanced in this particular research field so we are trying to divide the types of satellite fans in different categories, in order to give sports entities like sports clubs, brands, media etc. more information about those different types.