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    The Dutch athlete Femke Bol took almost a second off her 400 hurdles best with a 54.47


    • LuckySpikes
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      Quicker than Esther Goossen's 54.62 NR but it won't count as a NR because there was only 2 athletes in the race (Sprunger "paced" her then dropped out) and only 2 adjacent lanes of hurdles set out.

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    Polish lad beats Max Burgin's age-16 mark ...

    Krzysztof Różnicki who turns 17 in August ran 1:47.27 - cf Max Burgin 1:47.36 when he was 16y 3m old.

    Video at (he starts in lane 1)
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      It looks like Bromell is over his injuries- 10.04 at the weekend, potentially quite a good battle between 5 to be top dog - Coleman, Lyles, Baker, Bromell and he who shall not be named


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        Looking forward to see how a few of the Brits will get on this weekend as a test event for EA is being held at Nuneaton, some good athletes in attendance.


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          Good to see things starting to get going again.


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            Round 2 of the Hokuren Distance Challenge in Fukugawa was a high-quality affair, producing a Japanese NR and (for what they're worth) 3 World Leads. Selected results below:

            Women's 3000
            1 Nozomi Tanaka 8:41.35 NR WL*
            2 Hellen Ekarare Lobun (KEN) 8:43.33 (PB by 5s)
            3 Kaede Hagitani 8:48.12 (19yo; PB by 17s!)

            Nozomi Tanaka led every step of the way (no pacemakers!) and redeemed herself after last year's disastrous NR attempt when she kicked a lap too early. The previous NR, 8:44.40 belonging to Kayoko Fukushi, had stood for 18 years.
            Tanaka's km splits were 2:53/3:00/2:48 including a 64s last lap.

            * The WA Top Lists says Grovdal is the WL but it is incorrect - they have inserted her PB when she didn't actually finish the 3000 at the Impossible Games!

            Men's 10,000m A
            1 Benard Kibet Koech (KEN) 27:14.84 WL (PB by 11s)
            2 Bedan Karoki (KEN) 27:16-ish

            Karoki led off the final turn but Koech's kick was too strong for him.

            Women's 10,000m
            1 Honami Maeda 31:34.94 WL (PB by 39s)
            2 Mao Ichiyama 32:03-ish
            3 Yuka Ando 32:15-ish

            After all 3 went through halfway in 15:49 but Honami Maeda was the only one able to sustain the pace. She won the MGC last year (Olympic Trials Marathon) and today's 2nd placer Ichiyama also made her way on to the Olympic marathon team by winning in Nagoya in 2:20 this March.

            Maeda's performance raises her 117 places up the all-time Japanese list but such is the depth and tradition of Japanese distance running she's now 'only' #34 A-T.

            Men's 5000m A
            1 Benard Kimeli (KEN) 13:16.61 (PB by 1s)
            2 Jonathan Ndiku (KEN) 13:17.98
            3 Richard Yator (KEN) 13:18.76 (he's a 12:59 man)

            Women's 5000m A
            1 Rosemary Wanjiru (KEN) 15:03.49 (PB by 5s)
            2 Sayaka Sato 15:26.66 (PB by 1s)
            3 Momoka Kawaguchi 15:32.29 (PB by 18s)

            Wanjiru took off from the start and was never challenged. She's better known as a 10k/half runner.
            After a 3000m PB four days ago Sayaka Sato was at it again. She's a 2:23 marathoner (on her debut in Nagoya this March)..


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              Jake Smith ran a 28:00.5 time trial for 10k on the track, smashing his official PB by a minute.

              Originally posted by Stew-Coach View Post
              Looking forward to see how a few of the Brits will get on this weekend as a test event for EA is being held at Nuneaton, some good athletes in attendance.
              Is there a link for this online? (I can't find anything) Also, do you know if they are planning to live stream it?


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                Entries are closed and you can see who has entered still (Jess Knight being one good profile name entered)

                Unfortunately no live stream, as its a pilot its prob not appropriate to show it tbh


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                Some very red faces in the US after the 185m sprint record broken...

                When I was an enthusiastic parent watching kids athletes I'd know where hurdles needed to go, what height, and where races started from. How on earth an international meeting ends up with starting an athlete in the wrong place, heaven only knows.

                (I believe the story is that they started from the 400m start lines and ran to the opposite finish line, presumably to get a wind advantage, without realising the stagger for 400m was further forward than the stagger for 200m?)


                • Stew-Coach
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                  Well that's the bit that makes no sense, as running from the 400 was actually into the head wind!! lol

                  Running from the 200 as normal would have been absolutely fine. Surprised they didn't mess up further and start from the long relay haha

                • Occasional Hope
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                  Maybe to prevent a wind assisted time?

              • It's a back to front stadium!! He ran into the home straight - where the grandstand was - in the traditional way. There was no seating on the backstraight. However, there was a big number 5 next to the start line where he placed his blocks and looking down the track, clearly the numbers corresponded to a 400m stagger. Looking behind him i couldn't see any lines where a 200m stagger could be.

                Then, when he finishes you can see in the background numbers 6 and 7 - very close together in what is clearly a 200m stagger laid out just after the finish line.

                I can only assume a groundsperson had their plans upside down when they got their paint out.

                You've got to love Crammy. All the American journalists and fans I follow on Twitter were thrown into confusion for several minutes but the second he saw the time, Crammy said "That cannot be right".


                • Prediction time!

                  The Bowerman Track Club are holding two 5000m races in Portland at gone 4am our time on Saturday morning. In the Women's Shelby Houlihan and Karissa Schweizer are expected, with the help of pacemakers, to attack the American Record which Houlihan holds (14:34.45). In the men's, Marc Scott is amongst 4 runners going for a fast time (again helped by pacers). He ran 13:08 this past winter indoors.

                  So ...
                  A) Does the Women's American Record get broken in this race? And what times will Houlihan & Schweizer run?
                  B) Will Marc Scott break 13 minutes? And what time will he run?

                  I'll say:
                  A) Yes! Schweizer 14:31.1, Houlihan 14:32.3
                  B) No. 13:03 for Scott


                  • LuckySpikes
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                    The live stream for these races is subscription-only BUT they are making the on-demand videos free-to-watch from 8pm our time this Saturday.

                • Those are very precise predictions!


                  • LuckySpikes
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                    Well, rather than just saying 14:31 and 14:32 and then claiming I was spot on if they run 14:31.97 and 14:32.04, I want to emphasise that Schweizer will win handily. She's the next great American female distance runner, I tell you!

                • 14.23 for Houlihan and 14.26 for Schweizer in the end. Very impressive times for both, way inside Lucky's prediction.


                  • Originally posted by Occasional Hope View Post
                    14.23 for Houlihan and 14.26 for Schweizer in the end. Very impressive times for both, way inside Lucky's prediction.
                    Yep, I got the Yes and No parts of my predictions correct but I was way off on the times! (Marc Scott jogged it in in 14:14 after finding he was unable to live with the sub-13 pace.)

                    Exciting last 2 laps in the women's. Karissa tried hard to take the lead at 650 to go and again at 450 to go but Shelby was having none of it. 61.5 last lap for Shelby and 63.6 for Karissa. They go to 12th and 14th respectively on the World A-T list.

                    Also, an AR for Canada's Moh Ahmed in the men's - 12:47.20! Now 10th on the A-T list.

                    The splits can all be found at


                    • Those 5 K times will give the Ethiopians something to think about. Just hope they are completely 100% in accord with the current regulations