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    Based on nothing more than my thoughts on it, I would guess Ingebrigsten would be more likely to have an issue with it being an official record. With Warholm surely running alone puts him at a disadvantage?

    So glad to have some athletics back on our screens!


    • trickstat
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      As 300H is not a World Record event, there is no ratification process for Warholm. Basically, it will be listed as a World Best as long as it is accepted that the time and distance are correct.
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    The Four Minute Mile was run as a time trial, after all.


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      Very impressive run by Warholm, most of these world best attempts are run with full fields, that was the first time I’ve seen one completed as a solo effort.


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        Swiss steeplechaser Fabienne Schlumpf will try to qualify in the Marathon for the Tokyo OG.


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          Originally posted by LuckySpikes View Post
          Swiss steeplechaser Fabienne Schlumpf will try to qualify in the Marathon for the Tokyo OG.

          She will have at least one celebrity fan!*

          Click image for larger version  Name:	smurfette%20615.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.1 KB ID:	23187

          * Footnote inserted for the benefit of the Easily Offended. In German, the Smurfs are known as Die Schlümpfe. Geddit?
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            Btw, Smurfette reminds me of my childhood.😀


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              Great North Run 2020 & all the other associated events cancelled. Can’t see any other of the regional events going ahead either.



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                EA have pulled all issued Track event licensing too, as some events (opens) were due early/mid July.

                Obvious with recent announcement of events to the end of October, I assume they'll aim for a condensed season starting Aug.
                Cant imagine many higher level athletes wanting to go that late into what would be season break or winter training (unless of course you're good at programming and thought about all this already etc)


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                  Maybe the ones who didn't have an indoor season will be desperate to have something to show for 2020?


                  • Stew-Coach
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                    Oh yeah I can see that, especially those who are borderline and want to prove themselves etc and mostly just to keep some form progression going

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                  Guess the British Champs moved to 8th-9th Aug 2020 (moved before Paris was cancelled) will either get moved again or cancelled altogether, what do you guys think?


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                    Has to be moved or cancelled, not feasible for current date.
                    Still have more than half the country without access to facilities. even if more tracks/sports centres open in early July. would be mental to consider a champs without at least the opportunity of 4 races beforehand, and also to allow any one else to qualify.

                    Given they announcement of extending the season into October Id fully expect a champs early/mid sep if goes ahead


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                      Main impact of shifting the end of the season is on the age-groups. Normally on the track you move up a year on 1st October. Shifting this means that you can have a County Champs or young athletes league final in October with everyone remaining in the same age-group. Most cross-country leagues have their first fixture in October. I wonder if these will get dropped?


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                        Wetzikon in Switzerland yesterday hosted a meeting of 1000m and 5000m races. Baptiste Mischler (FRA) and Selina Buchel won the 1000 in 2:19.8 and 2:41.6 respectively.

                        The 5000s were mixed races. Elena Burkard (GER) was the fastest woman in 15:27. Francesca Tommasi (ITA) broke the U23NR, 15:37. Chiara Scherrer (SUI) ran a 19s PB with 15:44 but Fabienne Schlumpf was somewhat underwhelming, running 15:54.

                        On Saturday there's live streaming of a meeting from Meilen in Switzerland. It has a more extensive programme of events and there's some good Swiss athletes and a smattering of international class non-Swiss athletes entered.

                        And continuing the Swiss theme, today is Mujinga Kambundji's 28th birthday!


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                          I am posting two articles in case you have not seen them. I have previously had cause to call out and challenge questionable comments on this site made about African and other Black athletes. Authors not bothering with names or correct pronunciations and lumping runners together as "the Africans" or not realising and/ or caring that Selemon Barega, then 19 was the same age as Jakob Ingebrigtsen when Selemon won the silver medal over 5000m at the 2019 World Champs ahead of JI who was 5th.OR reading posts bordering on desperation to find the next "Great White Hope,"

                          Here is a powerful heartfelt article authored by recently retired 400m runner Anyika Onuora:

                          Here Jack Gray of Fast Running considers how more subtle and nuanced forms of covert racism, can manifest in the long-distance running community.

                          It was important to Black athletes, coaches, officials, parents and fans and the wider athletic family that World Athletics and British Athletics came out quickly to show support and empathy, following the tragic events surrounding the racist murder of George Floyd in America. It was a shame that England Athletics took far more time to for their response.


                          Just in case any one wonders:

                          Saying "All Lives Matter" is like screaming "I have a birthday too!" At someone's birthday celebration.

                          ...We're not talking about you. Sit down.


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                            British Champs no longer feature at all on the updated England Athletics "competition planning" -

                            Do they know something we don't?

                            It was on the previous version -


                            • Ladyloz
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                              I can't see it being possible to have a regular British Champs with a full set of events and dozens of club athletes; qualifying heats etc. with Social Distancing