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  • Originally posted by jjimbojames View Post
    Trying to pick the MD selections for next year is a bit of pot luck at this stage, but it’s certainly going to make those without a kick have to think about race tactics at the British Champs and commit to a pace which suits them if they want to make the Champs over the next few years.
    Well, it should, but will it? I’m willing to bet we see people whinging next year about how the trials race was just too slow and someone else should have taken it out for them.


    • Loved the Pole Vault in Lausanne tonight. Just a treat to see every single attempt in one of my 2 favourite field events.

      A pretty decent meeting in Marseille tomorrow with Reekie (1500), Muir (800), Ibarguen, Ferguson Rotich & Ortega some of the bigger names competing.

      Jemma & Laura's biggest competition could come from the Ethiopians, Ketema & Alemu respectively.

      10 Brits competing. Startlists at


      • MysteryBrick
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        Disappointing to see Giles, Learmonth and Langford lining up there instead of at the UK champs at the weekend. Although I suspect it is because they all don't fancy being beaten by an 18-year-old

    • From the first part of the Marseille meeting ...

      A 1.44.68 PB and UK lead (just) for Eliott Giles behind Ferguson-Cheruiyot Rotich, 1.44.34.

      Jemma Reekie was pushed hard by Claudia Bobocea but ground out the win in 4:02.20. Great race by Bobocea, 4:02.67 just outside her PB and also by Marusa Mismas, a 3.6s PB for her in 4:03.05. Mishmash looks set for a big breakthrough in the 3000SC when she next gets in a hot race, possibly sub-9:10?
      McColgan was 4th in 4:05.59.

      Live results at http://athletisme.westeurope.cloudap...?date=03092020


    • Laura won by some margin in 2:00.16 -

      Other results of note:
      El Bakkali won the 1500 in 3:34.51; Piers Copeland 6th in 3:37.00 PB.
      110H: Ortega 13.15, Belocian 13.27, PML 13.63


      • Is the forum whipping itself into a frenzy for Mo’s attempt on the hour record tonight?

        Reading some of the event history yesterday was quite interesting.


        • LuckySpikes
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          The 1 Hour record used to be a big deal - some of our best ran it several times back then, Ron Hill & Jim Alder especially. However, these days it holds a status similar to the 300 or 600 records.

      • Just picked up that Sophie McKinna threw 18.16 last weekend.


        • World Record for Mo in the One Hour! 21,330m vs Geb's old WR of 21,285m.

          Hassan took down Dire Tune's 18,517m mark with a new 18,930m WR.

          Faith Kipyegon was just under a second outside Masterkova's 1000m WR.


          • Good for Mo, but as I said elsewhere, it exists now only because all the big names have forgotten about it. Obviously in the 50s & 60s all the big names went in for it, but since the creation of the Euro TV circuit in the 1970s....too slow, too boring.


            • The WACT Gold meeting in Chorzów tomorrow looks good but the Golden Spike in Ostrava on Tuesday looks like an absolute corker!


              • Oh my! Just seeing the Men's Javelin news from Chorzow ... I won't spoil it for anyone watching the stream in case they show it.


                • They’ve shown it.

                  Bloody hell!


                  • 3.58 for Muir.


                    • Here’s the video for Vetter’s monstrous 97.76. Second best throw of all time, only 72cm shy of Zelezny’s WR. Fantastic!



                    • Originally posted by Occasional Hope View Post
                      3.58 for Muir.
                      Great to see Sofia Ennaoui going sub-4 for the first time, 3:59.70 (1.3s PB), and also Claudia Bobocea (ROU) with a 1s PB, 4:01.31, in third.

                      That's Laura's 14th time running sub-4 and she has a further 7 times (including en-route splits in the Mile) between 4-flat and 4:01.00. No other Brit has ever gone sub-4 more than twice!

                      I think there's interesting form-line from this race for the 1500 between Muir & Reekie. Claudia Bobocea raced them both in the last 4 days and had great runs on both occasions. In Marseille Jemma beat her by 0.5s and today Laura beat her by 3s.

                      If, at the moment, Laura & Jemma were to race the 1500 flat-out I do think we'd see Laura coming out on top by around 2 to 2.5s.


                      • Originally posted by Ursus View Post
                        Here’s the video for Vetter’s monstrous 97.76. Second best throw of all time, only 72cm shy of Zelezny’s WR. Fantastic!

                        Wow. What a throw... just as well he didn't slide over the line as he hit the floor after releasing ! Thanks for the link 👌