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  • The next post will be posted later tonight or tomorrow morning in time for Friday's live stream at 2pm of the short races at the World Mountain Running Championships.

    There's various other XC and road events streaming on Saturday & Sunday too.


    • Live streams for Friday 15th November to Sunday 17th October:

      Friday + Saturday
      • World Mountain Running Championships from Patagonia - sometimes the live streams for mountain running are little more than finish-line cameras but these broadcasts are on South America's big TV sports network so the coverage should be good. Lots of British and Irish interest in these races. Friday is the short races whereas Saturday is the 41.5km race.
      OK, I was wrong - the broadcast for the WRMA championships is awful - they're repeating reels of the opening ceremony and interviews but not showing the race! Possibly technical issues because it's tipping down there. So, I've removed the details & links from the document below.

      • Corrida Bulloise - the first of 3 road races in the Circuit de Courses series in Switzerland - all of them do repeated laps of the old town (Geneva in 2 weeks' time and Sion in 4 weeks); they do an excellent job with the broadcasts of these races
      • Three of the 8 NCAA Division 3 XC Regional Championships
      • Kansai Corporate Ekiden Championships (JPN) - Men's race; the 7 legs total 80.45km; a qualifier for the big New Year's Day Ekiden
      • Verona Marathon (ITA)
      • Cross Internacional de Soria (ESP) - 2nd leg of the IAAF XC Permit series
      • Zevenheuvelenloop (Nijmegen, NED) - 15km road race where Cheptegei set the World Best last year; Good women's field especially
      All links and details at (all links clickable)

      None of the NCAA Division 1 Regionals are available to watch for free this weekend - they're all on FloTrack instead, as are all 3 of next weekend's NCAA Championships.

      Next post on Friday 22nd November.
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      • Live streams for Saturday 23rd November to Thursday 28 October:

        • World Athletics Awards 2019 (Monaco)
        • National Corporate Women's Ekiden Championships (JPN) - aka the Queen's Ekiden
        • Cross Valmusone (ITA) - Italian trials for Euro Cross
        • Cross Internacional de la Constitucion (Alcobendas, ESP) - 3rd leg of the IAAF XC Permit series
        • Firenze Marathon (ITA) - highlights only
        • The Manchester Road Race (Connecticut, USA) - one of the top road races in the USA, over the classic 4.748 mile distance
        All links and details at (all links clickable)

        The post for next weekend's events will be early (Wed evening or Thurs morning) because I am going away for the weekend.


        • Live streams for Sunday 1st December:

          • Kunming Marathon (CHN)
          • Fukuoka Marathon (JPN)
          • Valencia Marathon (ESP) - top-notch fields for this; it's on subscription TV in Spain but even so last year there were 2 official live streams on Youtube (with/without commentary)
          • Course de l’Escalade (Geneva) - the 2nd in the series of 3 Swiss circuit races
          It's been difficult to find confirmed details for some events a few days in advance (a lot of the time athletics really doesn't help itself!), hence some question marks on the document. I'm away for a few days so may not be able to make any more updates for these events.

          Details & links at (all links clickable)

          As is often the way, broadcasts for big races such as Fukuoka & Valencia (including the 10k?) might be posted on Youtube not long after the event.

          Other big events taking place this weekend that may also turn up afterwards on Youtube - the Singapore Marathon & the Osaka Marathon (entrants for Osaka at ).

          Next post on Thursday 5th December.
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          • Live streams for Friday 6th December to Tuesday 10th December:

            • Abu Dhabi Marathon (UAE) - $100,000 to the winners
            Saturday - Tuesday
            • Southeast Asian Games aka the SEA Games (Philippines) - yes, outdoor track & field isn't over for 2019 yet!
            • Nike Cross Nationals aka NXN (Portland, USA) - the first of 2 US High School national XC championships; Footlocker is next Saturday
            • Guangzhou Marathon (CHN)
            • Saitama International Women's Marathon (JPN)
            • European Cross Country Championships (Lisbon) - on the BBC
            • Cross Nacional Ayuntamiento de Cantimpalos (ESP)
            • Honolulu Marathon (Hawaii)
            All the links & details at (all links clickable)

            Next post on Friday 13th December.
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            • Live streams for Saturday 14th December to Sunday 15th December:

              Track, road & cross country this weekend ...

              • Zatopek:10 incl Australian 10,000m Championships - these 10,000m track races have lost some of their lustre in recent years. But, there's a good domestic field in the men's race. In the women's I'm interested to see how Canada's Andrea Seccafien does. However, she is based in Oz now so maybe she's just pacemaking?
              • Course Titze de Noel (Sion, SUI) - the last of the 3 Swiss town centre circuit races - a 1km loop IIRC. Pretty good women's field.
              • Footlocker XC Championships (USA) - the second of the US national High School championships
              • Bangsaen21 Half Marathon (THA) - no info on who's competing here. It's a Silver Label race.
              • Malaga Marathon (ESP)
              • Cross Internacional de Venta de Baños (ESP) - again no info on entries for this, but last year it was won by Letesenbet Gidey & Vincent Rono so the fields are likely to be decent. Very good news - it is now possible to watch the official TDP (Teledeporte) stream with a VPN/Hola.
              All the links & details at

              Next post on Friday 20th December for 2 Australian track meetings & possibly the Asian Marathon Championships.


              • gracias amigos, muy buen post


                • Live streams for Saturday 21st December to Sunday 29th December:

                  Saturday 21st
                  • Steigen Spectacular (AUS) - track & field
                  • Albie Thomas Mile incl Australian Mile Championships (AUS) - programme also includes 400, 800 & Steeplechase
                  Sunday 29th
                  • Corrida de Houilles (FRA) - 10km Silver Label road race
                  Of the two Aussie meetings, the Albie Thomas Mile meeting looks better. Amongst the names competing seem to be Jessica Hull, Georgia Griffith, Jenny Blundell, Keely Small, Carley Thomas, Anneliese Rubie, Jordan Gusman, Jeff Riseley & Steven Solomon.

                  All the links & details at (all links clickable)

                  Hope you all have a great Christmas!

                  Next post on Sunday 29th or Monday 30th for road racing over the New Year period.
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                  • Happy Christmas to you too, and thanks for all the links over the year.


                  • Live streams for Tuesday 31st December to Friday 3rd January:

                    A cracking few days of road racing including some very old and historic races.

                    New Year's Eve
                    • Corrida Internacional de São Silvestre (Sao Paolo, BRA) - the 95th edition of this 15km road race; Brigid Kosgei is running. How close might she get to Gidey's new World Best?
                    • BOclassic (Bolzano, ITA) - Women's 5km + Men's 10km; They do 1.25km laps of the town; Very good women's field especially; A prestigious race - check out the former winners at
                    • San Silvestre Vallecana (Madrid, ESP) - 10km Gold Label race
                    • National Corporate Men's Ekiden Championships AKA The New Year Ekiden (Maebashi/Gunma, JPN) - the 64th edition of this race; the TV program starts on the 31st our time but the race starts at quarter past midnight on New Year's Day
                    1st Jan - 2nd Jan
                    • Hakone Ekiden (Tokyo/Kanagawa, JPN) - a 2 day event first run 100 years ago (this year is the 96th edition); See below for more info about this race.
                    The Hakone Ekiden is the Men's University Ekiden championship and holds a special place on the Japanese sporting calendar. From the Japan Running News website in 2016 ... ...
                    "The Hakone Ekiden is Japan's biggest, most prestigious sporting event, a two-day road relay with twenty university teams of ten men each running roughly a half marathon that pulls in tens of millions of viewers on live TV and along the 210 km+ course. University men focus on Hakone above all else. Jason Lawrence, a New Zealand runner who took part in Josai University's summer training camp for Hakone, wrote, "For most team members, if not all, Hakone is the pinnacle of their careers and it's what they think about 24/7."

                    Having experienced some difficulties watching Japanese TV streams in the past I'm happy to report that recently the situation has greatly improved. On the last 3 occasions I've watched Japanese races (in the last couple of months) the streams have been of good quality with very little of the lag or stuttering that used to make them hard to watch. And the Japanese really know how to cover road races with tons of info on-screen as well as regularly covering athletes/battles further down the field.

                    All the links & details at (all links clickable).

                    Next post on Saturday 4th January.
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                    • Live streams for Saturday 4th January to Monday 6th January:

                      Xiamen Marathon (CHN) - some interesting names in this: Shura Kitata, Volha Mazuronak & Hiwot Ayalew (on YouTube - English commentary & graphics)
                      Cross Internacional Zornotza (Amorebieta, ESP) - European XC Permit
                      Campaccio International Cross Country (ITA) - WA XC Permit

                      The good news is that both TDP (Spain) & RaiSport (ITA) can now be streamed direct from the source using a VPN or Hola.

                      All the links and details at (all links clickable).

                      Next post on Thursday 9th or Friday 10th January.
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                      • Live streams/broadcasts for Saturday 11th January to Sunday 12th January:

                        • Great Stirling XC - now just a home countries event
                        • Neujahrsspringen (Merzig, GER) - Men's international Pole Vault
                        • Orléans Perche Elite Tour (FRA) - M + W international Pole Vault
                        • Empress's Cup AKA National Inter-Prefectural Women's Ekiden (Kyoto, JPN) - in comparison to the first 2 Ekidens of the year this is positively short and snappy - 9 legs totalling the marathon distance. The course record is Kanagawa Prefecture's 2:14:55.
                        • 10k Valencia Ibercaja (ESP) - cracking fields for this led by Rhonex Kipruto and sub-30 woman, Sheila Chepkirui, Lonah Salpeter & Norah Jeruto. There's several Brits competing and Julien Wanders is attempting to break his own European record.
                        • Egmond Half Marathon (NED) - Previous winners - Some big names have won this so why the slow times? Well, parts of the race are run on the beach and through the sand dunes!
                        • Cross Internacional Juan Muguerza (Elgoibar, ESP) - WA XC Permit. Hellen Obiri said she's never running the World XC again but she's back on the country for this race. Paul Chelimo is amongst those in the men's.
                        A note about the Japanese road race streaming ... In future I will be bypassing the website and providing the stream link from "the source". This means no more pop-ups! However, you may notice the links have a .ru domain. Rather than anything dodgy I think this is just a case of the site owner buying a Russian domain for some reason - I have used these links a few times now with no ill effects!

                        I had hoped there would be a live stream of the San Sebastian International XC too, but it seems not.

                        All the links & details at (all links clickable).

                        Next post on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th for, amongst other things, our first streamed "full" indoor meeting of the season.
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                        • Here's the broadcast of today's Empress's Cup Ekiden AKA National Inter-Prefectural Women's Ekiden:


                          I'm going to try to do this for all broadcast Japanese road races in future:
                          a) because they're on at inconvenient times for watching live
                          b) because they're difficult to find on Youtube using English searches

                          If ever you're in any doubt about how much pride and honour Japanese runners take in these events, watch this short clip from the 2018 National Corporate Women's Ekiden Championships:


                          (She'd fallen earlier and broken her tibia)


                          • Live streams for Saturday 18th January to Sunday 19th January:

                            • Kuldiga Catherina's Cup (LAT) - our first streamed "regular" indoor meeeting of the season. A low-key start but it wasn't a bad little meeting last year. A few B/C-level Brits are competing.
                            • Carrera Urbana Internacional Noche de San Antón (ESP) - 10km road race; In the women's field - Netsanet Gudeta and, making her 10km debut, Gudaf Tsegay; Very good domestic men's field.
                            • StarPerche - Perche Elite Tour (Bordeaux) - M + W international Pole Vault
                            • Kansas vs Kansas State vs Wichita State Triangular (Wichita, USA) - I had a look at the results of this meeting from last year and I'd say the quality wasn't bad - probably the level of a strong NCAA D2 meeting; WSU make a good job of their live track & field streaming. Note - if the commentators refer to "shockers" they're probably not talking about bad performances but about Wichita State athletes instead, since "The Shockers" is the nickname of Wichita State sports teams.
                            • The Emperor's Cup Ekiden (Hiroshima) - the quality of runners doesn't look quite as good as last week's women's equivalent which had some top athletes.
                            • Cross Internacional de Italica (Sevilla) - WA XC Permit; Kate Avery is entered.
                            • Houston Half Marathon - stacked fields as usual.
                            • Houston Marathon
                            All the links & details at (all links clickable).

                            There's probably also live streaming on Youtube of Sunday's Santa Pola International Half Marathon near Alicante (preview) but it was a poor quality stream last year. If it improves this year I'll post the link here after the race.

                            Also, I'll post on-demand links for the Emperor's Cup Ekiden and Cross Italica if the broadcasts are uploaded to Youtube.

                            Next post possibly on Tue 21st for the Men's international HJ in Cologne.

                            If not, the next post will be on Thu 23rd for a bumper weekend that includes the Dubai Marathon (early hours Friday), the first leg of the World Indoor Tour in Boston, the Osaka Women's Marathon and Cinque Mulini.
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                            • As promised, an archive stream of this morning's Emperor's Cup Ekiden (Men's) in Hiroshima -

                              Also, the stream for the Santa Pola International Half Marathon (near Alicante) was better this year - proper on-screen graphics though the pictures are still a bit jerky. Still watchable though -
                              I see after the fact that it was actually live on À Punt TV (HD, no jerkiness) - just another example of how bad road race websites are at providing important information! At least I know for next year.