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  • Live streams for Thursday 10th December to Tuesday 15th December:

    Thursday to Sunday
    • Troféu Brasil Caixa de Atletismo (São Paulo, BRA) - This track & field meeting has become Brazil's de facto national championships, often used to pick the national team for global championships; A full programme of events that includes 20km & 50km race walks on the road & Combined Events
    • Launceston Ten & Half Marathon (Launceston, Tasmania, AUS) - Good domestic fields in the 10km and HM and Andrea Seccafien (CAN) is also in the HM - she's now living in Oz; No streaming confirmed for this yet but the event is owned by an event management company who streamed the Hobart 10k back in February
    • Grand Prix del Paraguay (Asunción, PAR) - GP Sudamericano series; No entry lists or preview for this though I have read that some of the fields will be international
    • Italian Marathon Championships (Reggio Emilia, ITA) - 45 mins highlights of this which is actually taking place on Sunday morning; The women's field is more interesting than the men's with Giovanna Epis, Catherine Bertone, Anna Incerti & Sweden's Charlotta Fougberg running as a guest; The Italian-based Burundians Olivier Irabaruta and Onesphore Nzikwinkunda look like the best bets to win in the men's race
    Link & details at

    The next major post will hopefully be on Thursday 18th December for what might be a fairly busy and varied long weekend.
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    • Three events have been added to the latest document & notes in the post above.

      No streaming has been confirmed yet for the Launceston 10k & Half Marathon but I'd say it is likely.


      • As I thought, there will be live streaming of the Launceston 10k & Half Marathon this evening. The latest document has been updated with details.


        • Live streams for Friday 18th December to Tuesday 22nd December:

          • Daikin Night Of 5s (Rosedale (Auckland), NZL) - The 5000s are the main events but there's many other disciplines on the program too; Some good athletes competing including Tom Walsh, NZL's two young 4.50m female pole-vaulters - Olivia McTaggart & Imogen Ayris, Matt Baxter, Julian Oakley, Camille Buscomb, Joseph Millar, Zoe Hobbs & their new fast teenager racing the 200, Edward Osei Nketia
          Friday to Saturday
          • Meeting de la Réunion (La Réunion, FRA) - World Athletics Challenge – Combined Events; Kevin Mayer is the star attraction here
          • Albie Thomas Mile (Georges Hall, NSW, AUS) - Not just Mile races at this meeting; Linden Hall, Jenny Blundell, Keely Small & Lauren Reid amongst those in the Women's Mile whilst Oliver Hoare and Jeff Riseley are in the Men's; In other events there's Steven Solomon (400) & Bendere Oboya (W 400) and a good Women's 400 Hurdles
          • Taipei Marathon (Taipei City, TPE) - A small but quality international field here of 6 men & 6 women ahead of the mass race; Paul Lonyangata and Chala Dechasa are amongst those running
          • Sanyo Women's Road Race (Okayama, JPN) - Half Marathon; Always a quality field for this, even this year; Olympic Marathon-bound Honami Maeda & Mao Ichiyama are entered along with Joan Jepkemoi and a host of other good athletes
          • The Marathon Project (Chandler, AZ, USA) - Good fields for this being run on a 4.3m loop; Reportedly a fast course; The women's field is cracking actually, including S Hall, K Taylor, E Bates-Ulmer, S Bruce, K D'Amato, N Wodak and Britain's Sarah Inglis making her marathon debut; The men's field includes S Fauble, J Ward, C Levins, CJ Albertson, M McDonald, R Buchanan, S Biwott and a few good internationals (Mexico, Eritrea & Ukraine)
          Tuesday 22nd
          • Victorian Milers Club Meet #2 (Box Hill, AUS) - 800, 1500 & 3000; Don't yet know how good the fields will be for this
          Link & details at

          That's it for streams before Christmas! Have a good but safe time, everyone!
          Next major post on Tuesday 29th December for the Mount Fuji Women's University Ekiden and hopefully some of the traditional New Year's Eve road races.
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          • It turns out that the whole of the multi-events at the Meeting de la Réunion is being live streamed on Facebook.

            Also, added to the post above & the document is the Taipei Marathon.


            • Full video of today's Marathon in the USA won't be available until Tuesday.

              Also, still waiting & hoping that the Sanyo Women's Road Race will appear on YouTube.


              • The full broadcast of Sunday's marathon in the USA is now available for download (2.7GB) - see the link in the latest document. It will be quite a while though before Google Drive processes it for in-browser viewing.

                Sadly, the TV broadcast for the Sanyo Women's Road Race (Half Marathon) in Okayama has not been uploaded to YouTube.
                1. Husan Zeyituna (ETH) 69:24
                2. Joan Chepkemoi (KEN) 69:28
                3. (LuckySpikes' fave) Mao Ichiyama 70:17
                9. Honami Maeda 70:39


                • Live streams/broadcasts for Wednesday 30th December to Saturday 2nd January:

                  Over the next few days we have 3 big Ekidens and also 3 traditional New Year's Eve races that have survived the pandemic. The other big New Year's Eve race that's streamed (in Sao Paulo) has been rescheduled for July. There's WR & ER attempts galore in the NYE races in Barcelona & Bolzano.

                  Apologies, I haven't had time to highlight some athletes in the Ekidens but JapanRunningNews does have a good preview for each of those races.
                  All 3 of these Ekiden broadcasts are usually uploaded afterwards to YouTube.

                  • Mt Fuji Women's University Ekiden (Shizuoka, JPN) - AKA National Women's Invitational University Ekiden Championship; This features the top 12 teams from last month's Morino Miyako Ekiden as well as some invited teams
                  Thursday (New Year's Eve)
                  • BOclassic Südtirol (Bolzano, ITA) - WA Bronze Label; This year the distances have been flipped with the Women's race 10km & the Men's 5km; The men's race features Muktar Edris, Telahun Bekele, Tadese Worku, Abdelaati Iguider & Yemane Crippa who is attempting to break the European Record (Gressier's 13:18); In the women's 10km there's an attempt on the Women's-only WR (30:29) by a field that includes Norah Jeruto, Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi & Dorcas Tuitoek & Gloriah Kite; Usually run around laps of the old town, this year it's been moved outside the town centre and they'll do 975m laps
                  • Cursa dels Nassos (Barcelona, ESP) - This translates from Catalan as "Run of the Noses"! In the 5km Genzebe Dibaba is making an attempt on the WR (Hassan's 14:44) and with a French contingent of Gressier, Amdouni & Bedrani in the men's, there's an attempt on the European Record (which may have been revised 75 minutes earlier in Bolzano!); In the 10km Hellen Obiri is attempting to break Jepkosgei's 29:43 WR and Carlos Mayo will attempt to break Toni Abadia's 27:48 NR (note: Fernando Carro ran 27:46 in Alcobendas last month but it was downhill by too much)
                  • San Silvestre Vallecana (Madrid, ESP) - WA Gold Label; 10km road race; I got it wrong initially! There are international fields here, headed by Chepngetich & Yehualaw in the women's and with Paul Chelimo, Daniel Simiu & Mike Foppen in the men's, a strong cast of Spaniards including Carro, Abadia, Oumaiz & others
                  • New Year Ekiden (Maebashi, JPN) - AKA Japanese Men's Corporate Ekiden Championship
                  Friday to Saturday
                  • Hakone Ekiden (Tokyo/Kanagawa, JPN) - The Japanese Men's University Ekiden Championship that takes place over 2 days (10 legs totalling 217.1km); This is a massive deal for all Japanese male student runners
                  All the links & details at

                  I will post again by early on Saturday 2nd January IF Saturday's late-night Xiamen Marathon (CHN) has been opened up to international elite athletes.
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                  • This afternoon's Cursa dels Nassos is now also being streamed on YouTube (same broadcast as TV but with Spanish not Catalan comms). The link has been added to the latest document.


                    • The full broadcast (1h 52m with the ads taken out) of yesterday's Mt Fuji Women's University Ekiden is at - well, almost full. The first 7 minutes of Leg 1 is missing but they do show a replay of the huge burst that Tomomi Musembi Takamatsu put in to get clear of the pack on Leg 1. She paid for it later though ...
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                      • The full broadcast recording of this morning's New Year Ekiden (with ad breaks removed) is at - it's 4h 3m long.


                        • Live streams for Saturday 9th January:

                          • Portuguese Road Championships (Estoril, POR) - STREAM FAILED TO MATERIALISE. 10km races taking place on the motor-racing track; Groups of 10 athletes in restricted fields (50 women; 100 men) will be going off at 1 minute intervals - presumably the top-seeded athletes first so that the fastest runners definitely cross the finish line first; Good-looking women's race with Carla Salome Rocha, top youngster Mariana Machado, Catarina Ribeiro, Jessica Augusto & Sara Moreira. Rocha should start as the favourite though I'm hoping that Machado has a big race in her 10k debut; Hard to recognise names in the men's race - Portuguese men's distance running is really in the doldrums! I do know Joao Almeida (marathon runner) and they've got a 28:25 guy running here, Samuel Barata
                          All the links & details at

                          Next post on Wed 13th January for the following morning's Vic Milers Club meeting in Australia.
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                          • Sadly, the stream for the Portuguese Road Championships has failed to materiialise. Hopefully though, thye've been recording it and will upload it later?


                            • Live streams for Thursday 14th January to Friday 15th January:

                              • Victorian Milers Club Meet #3 (Box Hill, AUS) - 800 & 1500; Many of Australia's best are still keeping their powder dry so the fields aren't super-deep. However, Catriona Bissett, Georgia Hansen & Jemima Russell go in a decent W 1500 'A' race
                              • Akron Quad Meet (Akron, OH, USA) - NCAA Division I meeting; Akron vs Kent State vs Buffalo vs Eastern Michigan; The startlists are now out and it looks decent; Based on their streams of last year's indoor meetings, the track coverage (watchable) will be better than the field (though the HJ is better because it's near the camera). However, there's no on-screen graphics or even shots of stadium clocks or results boards. EDIT : They do now have an on-screen clock and results graphics straight after each race, and some startlists too. There is sound but no commentary. The link in the document for startlists also serves as the Live Results page
                              Friday to Saturday
                              • Commodore Indoor AKA Vanderbilt Invitational (Nashville, USA) - NCAA Division I meeting; A meeting of 6 SEC teams - Vanderbilt, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri & Tennessee; Some strong "programs" here and whilst some are keeping back a few of their best for later meetings there's still some quality on show; Friday is some field events plus the DMRs and 5000s with the bulk of the track action on Saturday; Karissa Schweizer's little sister, Kelsey, goes in the 800 for Mizzou - in her 2nd year, perhaps not as talented as Karissa but then Karissa didn't come really good until the second half of her collegiate career
                              All the links & details at

                              Next post on Friday 15th for indoor meetings over the weekend.
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                              • The Commodore Indoor meeting in Nashville has been added to the latest document (see notes above) - a meeting of 6 SEC teams, the SEC being one of the "powerhouse" D1 conferences.