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  • Live streams/broadcasts for Tuesday 14th July to Thursday 16th July:

    • Grand Prix Tábora - Memoriál Ing. Jana Pána (Tábor, CZE) - the Czech Federation have live streamed this (usually) international meeting for the last couple of years so, in the absence of confirmation, I'll presume they're doing so again - they do a really good production job on their live streams but often they appear with little or no warning! EDIT - Confirmed it is being streamed
    • Hokuren Distance Challenge 2020 Round 3 (Abashiri, JPN) - Quality fields in the 5k & 10k here - there's also a W 1500 & 3000; In the W 5000 Nozomi Tanaka faces a bunch of good Kenyans and (?) possibly she's aiming to beat Kayoko Fukushi's 14:53.22 NR. There's no pacemaker designated but then she didn't need one last week, leading all the way to a NR in the 3000; Also in the 5000 is 19yo Kaede Hagitani. I'm calling her the new "Japanese sensation" after she ran 8:48 behind Tanaka a week ago.
    • Lahti Games (Lahti, FIN) - Motonet GP series; international athletes are starting to trickle back to these Finnish meetings - due to compete here are good athletes from Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia & Latvia; for the gazillionth time Korte, Neziri & Hurske will face-off in the 100H; last week's GP meeting in Jyväskylä had a big crowd generating a good atmosphere
    • Memorial Matica Šušteršiča in Patrika Cvetana (Ljubljana, SLO) - most of Slovenia's best competing
    • Meeting Internazionale Città di Savona (Savona, ITA) - sprints, hurdles & field; a lot of top Italians entered here as well as Andy Pozzi, Ivet Lalova and a trio of good French sprinters that includes Carole Zahi
    • TVP Sport Cup - M + W Pole Vault (Warsaw, POL) - Lisek vs Wojciechowski and in the women's there's Maláčová
    All the links and details at

    Next major post on Friday 17th.
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    • Live streams for Saturday 18th July:
      • Hokuren Distance Challenge 2020 Round 4 (Chitose, JPN) - W 3000 & 5000 and M 1500, 3000SC, 5000 & 10,000; Sadly the last of this year's series; Fields good but not quite as strong for this round; Tanaka & Hagitani are going again in the W 3000
      • Czech Super League Round 2 (Kladno, CZE) - Many of the best Czechs are entered along with most of the best Slovaks - Volko, Gajanova, Putalova etc - who compete for Czech clubs; That and the Czech Fed's very good (and improving) coverage should make it a good meeting to dip in and out of
      • Fast Arms, Fast Legs (Wetzlar, GER) - sprints, hurdles & javelin; Top domestic fields in most of the track events
      • MVMNT Race Series (Boston, MA, USA) - W 1500 and M + W 10,000; the women's 10,000 looks good with Molly Seidel, Natosha Rogers & Abbey Cooper (née D'Agostino) amongst others
      All the links & details at

      Next post on Tuesday 21st July.
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      • Distance races tonight in Boston have been added to the document. However, you can only watch on Instagram Live which requires an Instagram (or Facebook) account.

        Unfortunately this is part of a trend where things are being streamed on Instagram rather than on a platform that everyone can watch regardless of having an account or not, e.g., YouTube or Facebook.


        • Live streams/broadcasts for Wednesday 22nd July to Friday 24th July:

          • Portland Intrasquad Meet #3 (Blue River, OR, USA) - M + W 1500m; Don't know the exact startlists but likely to involve the likes of Craig Engels, Karissa Schweizer & Colleen Quigley going for times; I believe the women are aiming for sub-4
          • Kallithea International Jumping Meeting (Kallithea, nr Athens, GRE) - normally a decent international meeting but this year is almost exclusively a domestic affair
          • TVP Sport Cup - M + W High Jump (Warsaw, POL)
          • 1-Hour Heptathlon (Amstetten, AUT) - Ivona Dadic vs Geraldine Ruckstuhl vs Sarah Lagger
          • CITIUS Champs (Bern, SUI) - This is not the CITIUS Meeting which has been cancelled for 2020; However, there's some decent fields including Lemaitre, Femke Bol in the flat 400 and, by Summer 2020 standards, a loaded Women's 800 that features Lamote, Buchel & Mageean amongst other good athletes
          All the links & details at

          The USATF have organised a Back To The Track series of 4 meetings over the next 2 weeks. The live streams are subscription-only at but if free-to-watch on-demand videos become available I will post links. Incidentally, the meetings are taking place in Texas and Florida which seems an odd choice since they are two of the states really struggling with COVID-19 at the moment.

          Next post on Friday evening.
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          • Added to the latest document is a 1-Hour Heptathlon taking place in Austria tomorrow (Thursday). It features Ivona Dadic vs Geraldine Ruckstuhl vs Sarah Lagger.

            ORF Sport+ are live streaming their TV broadcast with no geo-blocking. It starts at 5pm UK time.


            • Live streams for Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July:

              Saturday & Sunday
              • Slovenian Championships (Celju, SLO) - the first national senior outdoor championships in Europe this year!
              • Sky's The Limit (Zweibrücken, GER) - international Pole Vault & Javelin meeting; Good fields assembled including some top names such as Vetter & Hofman, Lisek, Holzdeppe & Filippidis
              • Meeting Internazionale Città di Castiglione della Pescaia (Castiglione della Pescaia, ITA) - usually this meeting has a balanced programme of disciplines but this year it is very throws-heavy
              • BMC Gold Standard Races (Trafford) - M + W 800m; Races of 3 athletes to be run entirely in lanes which will make race positions very difficult to judge for athletes and viewers alike; no major names competing
              • Bannister Running Invitational #5 (Slottsskogsvallen, Gothenburg, SWE) - not just mid-distances as the meeting name might suggest; There's lots of races here but there's some good athletes in the 'A' races which are all grouped together at the end of the programme
              • Sparkassen Gala (Regensburg, GER) - some top domestic fields supplemented by some good international athletes
              All the links & details at

              Next major post on the evening of Tuesday 28th.
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              • LuckySpikes
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                Really good stream for the Regensburg meeting. All the necessary on-screen graphics and some good performances in the first event just completed (W 100 heats), Haase 11.21 & Kwayie 11.27.

            • Live streams/broadcasts for Tuesday 28th July to Wednesday 29th July:

              • Belarus Championships - M + W Shot Put (Minsk city centre, BLR) - the rest of the Belarus Championships is on Friday to Sunday, also being broadcast
              • Papaflessia (Kalamata, GRE) - a long-running international meeting but restricted this year to Greek & Cypriot athletes
              • Reunión Nacional "Comunitat de L´Esport" (Castellón, ESP) - Spain's official "return from the virus meeting"; Mostly Spanish athletes with some Spanish-based foreigners but some good athletes dotted around the events
              • Swedish Half Marathon Championships (Anderstorp, SWE) - taking place on a motor-racing track; In the men's, Mikael Ekvall, Mustafa Mohamed, Archie Casteel & Samuel Tsegay look like the favourites and in the women's Charlotta Fougberg & Johanna Bäcklund would be the best candidates for victory; Also, there's a great name for a club and for the athlete representing it - Sara Svensk (Sara Swedish!) of Terrible Tuesdays TC.
              All the links & details at

              Next major post late on Thursday evening.
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              • Spain's first "major" meeting of the summer has been added to the document above, streaming today (Wednesday).


                • Live streams/broadcasts for Friday 31st July to Sunday 2nd August:

                  Friday to Sunday
                  • Belarus Championships (Minsk, BLR) - when watching the Shot Put on Tuesday my stream started buffering badly after about 30 minutes and refreshing the page didn't help; Hopefully it won't happen again or that you have better luck than I did then. EDIT : The streaming was much, much better today (Friday)
                  Saturday to Sunday
                  • Baltic U20 & U18 Outdoor Team Championships (Pärnu, EST) - EST vs LAT vs LTU
                  • The Big Friendly #3 (Portland, OR, USA) - mid-distances and a mixed 4x4 relay; Brazier, Engels, Josh Kerr, Nia Akins, Brenda Martinez & Shannon Rowbury are amongst those competing
                  • Swedish Pole Vault Tour - Meeting #5 (Norrköping, SWE) - Angelica Bengtsson, Michaela Meijer & Lisa Gunnarsson in the women's 'A' competition
                  • Meeting Internazionale Triveneto (Trieste, ITA) - The return of WvN in the 100 & 400, KJT & Andy Pozzi hurdling and Laura Muir & Jemma Reekie in a loaded 800
                  • Kuortane Games (Kuortane, FIN) - Two good international Javelin fields incl Vetter (Finnish TV cover their field events very well), Ståhl, Holly Bradshaw plus "those 3 ladies" going at it again in the 100H.
                  All the links & details at

                  There is a possibility of live streams for a couple more events this weekend. If so, I'll add those by Saturday lunchtime at the latest.

                  Next major post on Tuesday evening.
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                  • Additions to the latest document above:
                    • Swedish Pole Vault Tour - Meeting #5
                    • Baltic U20 & U18 Outdoor Team Championships
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                    • Live stream for Wednesday 5th August:

                      Very quiet midweek though the one-day meeting circuit starts to ramp up next week.

                      • Espoo Games (Espoo, FIN)
                      All the links & details at

                      Next major post on Friday morning, if there is Friday live streaming. If not, Friday evening.


                      • Live streams/broadcasts for Saturday 8th August to Sunday 9th August:

                        • Kamila Skolimowska Throwing Festival (Spała, POL) - just a domestic affair this year but all Poland's best are competing
                        Saturday to Sunday
                        • Czech Championships (Plzeň aka Pilsen, CZE)
                        • Latvian Championships (Jelgava, LAT)
                        • Hungarian Championships (Budapest, HUN)
                        • German Championships (Braunschweig, GER)
                        • Pan-Hellenic (Greek) Championships (Patras, GRE) - if I have time I'll translate the top few names on each entry list. If not, the preview put through Google Translate is decent
                        All the links & details at

                        Next major post on Sunday evening for Monday's Sollentuna GP and Tuesday's WACT Gold meeting in Turku. Plenty of Brits competing in those meetings.
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                        • The Hungarian Championships have been added to the latest document above.


                          • Live streams/broadcasts for Monday 10th August to Wednesday 13th August:

                            • Sollentuna GP (SWE) - World Continental Tour Bronze meeting; Some decent match-ups here with a few Brits competing as well - the M + W 800s in particular look very good; For the Swedish meetings being shown by Vinco I'll always provide the Swedish TV link as well since I've found that the Vinco stream has buffered a bit previously
                            • Paavo Nurmi Games (Turku, FIN) - the first World Continental Tour Gold meeting of this year; Good European fields across the board here with 15 Brits due to compete; First hour of meeting on Finnish TV only then switch to WA YouTube stream for English commentary on the last 2 hours
                            Wednesday to Thursday
                            • Ukrainian U20 Championships (Lutsk, UKR) - Mykhaylo Kokhan (Hammer) & Yaroslava Mahuchikh are competing.
                            All the links & details at

                            Next major post on Wednesday evening for the Finnish Championships (starting Thursday) and the weekend's events including the Monaco DL.
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                            • The Ukrainian U20 Championships have been added to the document above. They take place on Wed & Thu.

                              The next major post will actually be on Thursday evening not Wednesday evening as originally stated - I forgot that the first day of the Finnish Championships isn't broadcast.