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  • Originally posted by LuckySpikes
    Live streams/broadcasts for Monday 17th February to Wednesday 19th February:

    No start/entry lists for either of the Wednesday meetings at the time of writing but the preview for Sabadell does give a good indication of who's competing.

    • Meeting Féminin du Val d'Oise (Eaubonne, FRA) - good women's-only meeting
    • Vic Milers Club Meet #4 (Melbourne, AUS) - 800m & Mile races; Good-looking Men's 800 'A' race
    • Meeting Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais (Liévin, FRA) - World Indoor Tour; If you don't have Eurosport, this is live on France Ô TV as well
    • Miting Internacional de Catalunya (Sabadell, ESP) - decent meeting
    All the details & links at

    Next post on Thursday 20th February.
    if you dont have eurosport like my situation you can do what i did ; went to watchathletics and up came eurosport under
    good delivery. good to see Jemma reekie win easily again 2.00.34


    • Originally posted by philipo

      if you dont have eurosport like my situation you can do what i did ; went to watchathletics and up came eurosport under
      good delivery. good to see Jemma reekie win easily again 2.00.34
      Yes, for British subscription channels I prefer not to post "unofficial" streams of the particular channel - just to be on the safe side (and also through a slight sense of moral responsibility ). I think I may have made the occasional exception though, e.g., for the World Athletics Cup in London 2018 which was on Sky. But, in such situations I will always try to post a link to an alternative official or unofficial stream on a foreign TV channel or website because ...

      I think coverage on foreign TV channels is fair game - e.g., even if I wanted to subscribe to TVP in Poland I couldn't, and so I think there's no reason why we shouldn't watch their broadcasts. They're not losing any potential revenue by our doing so.


      • Live streams/broadcasts for Friday 21st February to Sunday 23rd February:

        Before I get into what's on offer this weekend ...

        Some of you may have noticed, especially over the last week, that for a few events the live streams I've posted haven't actually materialised.

        It happened for 4 of the 18 events posted for last weekend, and for 2 of the 4 events in this week's midweek events.

        In most cases this happens because a live stream has not been confirmed by any source, but I do post information based on that event being streamed last year (and sometimes for several years) on that particular platform (e.g., Youtube, Facebook etc). Whenever this is the case I always prefix the link with a question mark to indicate that it isn't certain that it will be streamed. In many cases these "educated guesses" do work out fine but this week there has been a relative glut of them not materialising.

        On the other hand, in some cases, the live stream has been confirmed by the meeting organisers but it still doesn't materialise. For example, this was the case with the Vic Milers Meet this week.

        However, I will continue to post links in the same way. It's unfortunate that athletics events are often terrible at promoting TV/streamed coverage of themselves - a number of live streams are not publicised in good time (or at all!) before they happen. For events without confirmed coverage I'm trying to pre-empt this by going on what happened last year so that we don't needlessly miss out on live streams. Frankly though, it's a bit annoying/depressing that, 10 years after the advent of reliable streaming platforms, there's still several events who are so inconsistent about a) where they stream their event and b) whether they actually bother to stream their event in any given year.

        In any case when streams do fail to materialise I will, wherever possible, edit the relevant Dropbox document and post links to any individual race videos of the event just like I've done for this week's Vic Milers Meet and Miting Internacional de Catalunya (Sabadell).

        OK then! On the slate for this weekend ...

        Another bumper crop of events with something for everyone. Yes, even for the throws fans with Tom Walsh & Valerie Adams amongst those in action in Auckland.

        Three decent NCAA Division 1 conferences have their indoor championships. There are also a D2 & a D3 conference championships streaming this weekend but I haven't included them because the standard isn't that good.

        • RAK Half Marathon (Ras Al Khaimah, UAE) - the usual high-quality fields for this fast half
        • Villa de Madrid (ESP) - World Indoor Tour
        Friday & Saturday
        • Northeast Conference Indoor Championships (Staten Island, NY, USA) - NCAA D1 conference
        • America East Conference Indoor Championships (Boston Univ, MA, USA) - NCAA D1 conference; I always enjoy watching this conference; Lots of solid if unspectacular "schools" but good competition
        • Sydney Track Classic (AUS) - WA Continental Tour Bronze meeting; Some decent fields here
        • Japanese Cross Country Championships (Fukuoka)
        • Scottish National Cross Country Championships (Falkirk)
        • Hobart Run The Bridge 10K (AUS) - decent fields with Robinson, Gregson & Bruce in the men's and Seccafien and Clark amongst those in the women's
        Saturday & Sunday
        • Italian Indoor Championships (Ancona)
        • British Indoor Championships (Glasgow)
        • German Indoor Championships (Leipzig)
        • Conference USA Indoor Championships (Birmingham, AL, USA) - NCAA D1 conference; a bit more of a sprinters conference these days?
        • Sir Graeme Douglas International Track Challenge + NZ Distance Carnival (Auckland, NZL) - WA Continental Tour Bronze meeting; Lots of Aussies and Japanese also competing; The pick of the events look like the Women's 800 with Bissett, Petty, Small & Mitchell and the Women's 5000 with Hitomi Niiya, Nozomi Tanaka & Melissa Duncan
        • Sevilla Marathon (ESP) - WA Gold Label
        • ?? Napoli City Half Marathon (ITA) - WA Bronze Label
        • All Star Perche (Clermont-Ferrand, FRA) - M + W Pole Vault meeting; some top athletes in both fields including Duplantis
        All the details & links at

        Next post on Monday 24th February for 3 midweek indoor meetings.
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        • Live streams for Tuesday 25th February to Thursday 27th February:

          Tuesday & Wednesday
          • International U20 Match (Minsk, BLR) - 12 nations competing, up from last year's 10 with the addition of Italy & Poland (all competing nations listed in the document); I enjoyed watching this meeting last year. The coverage was good as was the competition - all the nations seem to take it very seriously and send strong teams
          • Szczecin Pole Vault Meeting (POL) - M + W international PV
          • Serbian Open Indoor Meeting (Belgrade) - European Indoor Classic meeting; Beyond Tamberi and a couple of shot putters I don't know yet who's competing here
          All the details & links at

          Next post on Thursday 27th February for another busy weekend that includes, amongst other events, the US Olympic Trials Marathon,
          Polish/Spanish/French Indoor Championships, the Tokyo Marathon, a few NCAA Conference Indoor Championships and the Vitality Big Half in London.


          • Live streams for Friday 28th February to Monday 2nd March:

            Some good NCAA D1 & D2 conferences on the streams this weekend, headlined by the SEC in D1 and by the RMAC in D2 - each one of the strongest conferences in their respective divisions.
            There are also live streams for two D3 conferences but the standard of athletics isn't great so I haven't included them.

            Also, the Capital Classic in Wellington (NZL) tomorrow doesn't look as strong as last week's Sir Graeme Douglas meeting in Auckland. So, I haven't included that either. However, if you do want to watch it, it's on the same YouTube channel as that Auckland meeting.

            Friday & Saturday
            • American Athletic Conference (AAC) Indoor Championships (Birmingham, Alabama) - NCAA D1 conference
            • Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) Indoor Championships (Colorado Springs) - NCAA D2 conference
            • Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC) Indoor Championships (Mankato, Minnesota) - NCAA D2 conference
            • Karsten Warholm Invitational (Ulsteinvik, NOR) - Warholm vs Maslak in the 400; Mahuchikh, Kendricks, Bosse & Echevarria are also competing
            Saturday & Sunday
            • Bunbury Geographe Gift (Bunbury, Western AUS) - modelled on the Stawell Gift. If you're none the wiser, think professional athletics in Scotland & Northern England in the late-19th/early-20th century - it's handicap races on grass tracks. The marquee races are the Men's & Women's Open 120m which each offer $14,000 for the winner.
            • Spanish Indoor Championships (Ourense)
            • French Indoor Championships (Liévin)
            • Polish Indoor Championships (Toruń)
            • Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) Championships (Indianapolis) - NCAA D2 conference
            • US Olympic Trials Marathon (Atlanta) - the first 3 across the line make the team!
            • Pan American Cross Country Cup (Langford/Victoria, CAN)
            • Tokyo Marathon (JPN) - the penultimate chance for a Japanese man to snatch an Olympic spot away from MGC third-placer Suguru Osako. To do that they have to break Osako's 2:05:50 NR.
            • The Vitality Big Half (London) - Kenenisa Bekele vs Lawrence Cherono; includes British Trials for World Half Marathon Championships
            Sunday & Monday
            • Southland Conference Indoor Championships (Birmingham, Alabama) - NCAA D1 conference
            • Big East Indoor Championships (Geneva, Ohio) - NCAA D1 conference; includes Butler, Georgetown, Providence, Villanova & Xavier
            • Southeastern Conference (SEC) Indoor Championships (College Station, Texas) - NCAA D1 conference; 3 hours highlights
            All the details & links at

            Next post on Thursday 5th or Friday 6th March.
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            • Broadcast recording of this morning's Tokyo Marathon - in 2 parts with the ads taken out via


              • Live streams for Saturday 7th March to Sunday 8th March:

                A few events that would have been streamed have been cancelled/postponed due to the coronavirus. These include the Rome-Ostia Half Marathon & the FISU World University Cross Country Championships.

                However, this Sunday does still see the final races for both the men & women in Japan's Marathon Grand Championship Challenge. The penultimate challenge for the women in Osaka 6 weeks ago was a very exciting event with Mizuki Matsuda running 2:21:47 to provisionally grab the 3rd spot on the Olympic team. Amongst a good international field in Nagoya this Sunday the task for the Japanese women is to better that time to snatch the 3rd spot on the team. After the Osaka race Mizuki Matsuda sounded very confident that no-one would do that in Nagoya but there is a slim chance that one of 2 or 3 women could do it.

                It looks much more clear cut for the men's final challenge at the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon in Otsa. All the best Japanese men ran Tokyo last week and so it looks highly unlikely that anyone at Lake Biwa will run the 2:05:28 necessary to grab the 3rd spot from Osako.

                Despite what it says in the Japan Running News preview, from my information the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon is live on NHK-E rather than NHK, a channel not available to us on the internet. However, a recording of the broadcast is likely to turn up on Youtube shortly after so I will post a link to that on Sunday.

                • International U18 Indoor match - TUR 'A'-BLR-UKR-SRB-TUR 'B' (Istanbul, TUR)
                • Nagoya Women's Marathon (JPN) - WA Platinum Label
                • Spanish Cross Country Championships (Zaragoza)
                • South American Race Walking Championships (Lima, PER)
                • CPC Loop - City-Pier-City Half Marathon (Den Haag, NED)
                • Los Angeles Marathon (USA)
                All the details & links at

                Next post on Wed 11th or Thu 12th March.
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                • Recorded broadcast of this morning's Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon in Otsu, Japan (with the ads taken out) at


                  • Recorded broadcast of this morning's Nagoya Women's Marathon in Japan (with the ads taken out) at

                    The broadcast for the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon is in the post above (can't post more than 1 link in a post these days!)


                    • Live streams for Thursday 12th March to Saturday 14th March:

                      7 or 8 events that would have been streamed this weekend have been postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus.

                      • Vic Milers Club Meet #5 (Doncaster, AUS) - 800m & 1500m; The Women's 800 'A' race with Bissett, Griffith & Hall looks like the highlight.
                      Friday - Sunday
                      • CANCELLED - New Balance Indoor Nationals (New York, USA) - US High School national indoor championships
                      Friday - Saturday
                      • CANCELLED - NCAA D1 Indoor Championships (Albuquerque, NM, USA) - Unfortunately, it's live on ESPN3 which we can't stream online but it is very possible that the recorded broadcasts will turn up on YouTube soon after. If so, I will post the links in the document. Otherwise, there are highlights on ESPNU on Tuesday.
                      • CANCELLED - NCAA D2 Indoor Championships (Birmingham, AL, USA) - I would recommend these championships; Good standard - I'd say the winning marks are broadly comparable to our BUCS but the depth is much better. Probably no commentary for these streams but in the past (at other venues) the stadium announcer has done a decent job.
                      Saturday into Sunday
                      • All Japan Noboru Race Walking Tournament incl Japanese University Race Walking Championships (Nomi, JPN) - this event was due to also comprise the annual Asian Race Walking Championships but this part of the event has been cancelled for 2020; Many of the best Japanese race walkers are competing and with the winners of last month's National Championships being selected for the Olympics this serves as a major opportunity for others to get selected.
                      If a live stream for Sunday's Parelloop 10k in Brunssum (NED) appears - Eilish McColgan etc, I will add the details to the document.
                      Edit : The Parelloop 10k has been

                      All the links and details at

                      Next post on Thursday 19th March.
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                      • For a laugh, se Andrew Cotter commentating on his dogs' dinner:


                        • Originally posted by Occasional Hope
                          For a laugh, se Andrew Cotter commentating on his dogs' dinner:
                          Thanks for that! I'm a sucker for dog videos anyway.

                          There is a slim possibility of some live (YouTube) athletics from Japan next month. Over the last month Japan has continued holding some of its (elite-only) marathons and race walking events, although there are fears of a second wave of the coronavirus hitting Japan.

                          If that second wave doesn't materialise, the meetings that might take place in April are:
                          11 April - Kanakuri Memorial Long Distance Meeting (Kumamoto) - Japan GP Series
                          12 April - Japanese 50km Race Walking Championships (Wajima)
                          19 April - Hyogo Relay Carnival (Kobe) - Japan GP Series; includes distance races also - not sure if this meeting will be streamed
                          19 April - Yoshioka Takanori Memorial Meeting (Izumo) - Japan GP Series
                          29 April - Mikio Oda Memorial Meeting (Hiroshima) - WA Continental Tour Bronze level (& Japan GP Series)

                          All but the Hyogo meeting are usually live streamed on the Japanese Federation's YouTube channel so if they are I'll post the details here.

                          Anyway, I hope everyone here (and their nearest and dearest) is well and coping OK with this awful situation.


                          • Further to my post above, all meetings/events in Japan up to & including June have been either cancelled or postponed.


                            • KJT versus her dachshunds:


                              • Live streams for Saturday 2nd May to Sunday 3rd May:

                                We have some socially-distanced live athletics this weekend!

                                Valhalla Virtual Shot Put Competition - Loads of putters involved but the elite head-to-head will be streamed - Scott Lincoln and Sophie McKinna go up against top under-20 athletes Lewis Byng and Serena Vincent

                                The Ultimate Garden Clash - Pole Vault Edition - Lavillenie will vault from his home in Clermont-Ferrand, Kendricks will compete from his back garden in Oxford, Mississippi, and Duplantis will take part from his base in Lafayette, Louisiana.
                                They will attempt to vault 5.00m as many times as they can within 30 minutes.

                                Details & links at