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Resurrect your predictions from the old forum!

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  • Resurrect your predictions from the old forum!

    With the old forum now gone and very little of it available via the internet Wayback Machine, it would be a shame for the wisdom (or folly??) of our predictions to be lost into the ether. I recall, for example, quite a few being made about sprinters like Prescod & Chad Miller, some about KJT etc.

    So, please re-post here any predictions you made that have yet to be realised.

    In 2017 I said that Laura Muir will win a global 1500m title at some point in her career. I'm standing by that.

    Also, in February 2018 I made a thread saying that America's next great female distance runner will be Karissa Schweizer - that she'll have a career to rival that of Shalane Flanagan or Molly Huddle. It was a bold prediction I think, but I'm sticking with it.

    With recent 4:06.7 and 15:02 PBs she's developed quite the range for a 21 year old (just turned 22) ... 4:06.7 / 8:41(i) / 15:02 / 32:00. The 10,000 time looks weak by comparison but I've no doubt she could have run 31:30 this year, based on her 5000 and also on her closing in an easy-looking 67s for 32:14 at the NCAA West Regionals. Now "pro", she's joined the Bowerman Track Club in Portland, the home also of Flanagan, Houlihan, Infeld, Frerichs, Cragg, Quigley & Grace.