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Neil Black Stepping Down?

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    Maguire and Mininchello are mentioned in the Guardian report, along with Cavendish (Brtish Triathlon), Ericksson (former Head of Paralympic programmes) and Yule (Head of British Weightlifting.

    I really like Mininchello - he's entertaining and outspoken. I also think sadly that he is full of jargon that doesn't really mean a lot and come sup with simplistic solutions rather than views based on deep analysis. I also doubt his man-management skills and always got the impression that Jess appreciated his coaching but would pick and choose what advice she'd take from him. She often seemed to think he was a bit of a dickhead.


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      The problem is that the minute they pick a good "man manager" (perhaps from outside of athletics) all the die hard 50 something's for whom athletics was "better in my day" grumble about the fact the chairman of their club would be a much better person for the job because they really udnerstand athletics.

      The ideal would be someone who has come out of coaching with a fantastic reputation for leadership that the old timers like and the current generation respect. I just doubt they'll find anyone!


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        Wasn't Ericksson formerly Head Coach for UK Athletics?


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          I think it likely there will be a temporary internal appointment until the Olympics. There is always a review of strategy, staffing structures and contracts after each Olympic Games and I hope much needed changes are made. We already have a new chairman and chief executive and i suspect they are already planning and discussing with UK Sport a new strategy for the future. Hopefully, they will listen to the expertise within the sport and respond in a suitable and effective way.

          Neil Black's departure may be down to the Salazar ban (and one or two others may follow suit) but I think there are secondary issues also at play in this decision.


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            Good to see a post from you, Geoff, and as always insightful and measured. I hope all is well.

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          Paula Dunn should get the job. More than proven herself. Probably too close to the Paralympics for the move but she is the person for the role. Don't need the shouters just someone who is smart, effective and inspiring.


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            Throw two names into the ring, the current and previous Heads of Coaching & Development at England Athletics. Both have worked for UKA previously or currently, Martin Rush and Peter Stanley. They know the ropes and faces fit.