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2019 World Championships - Athlete Scorecard

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  • 2019 World Championships - Athlete Scorecard

    How did people do? Trying to be objective here - grading from 1-10

    Zharnel Hughes - made the final which was the bare minimum, although disappointing not to break 10 there. Part of a very fast relay, and ran through an injury by all accounts. Can be proud of his showing, if not fully happy with his final. 8
    Ojie Edoburun - barely made the semis and was then poor there. First major, but is getting to the point where 'potential for the future' has to start being 'now'. 3
    Richard Kilty - only ran on the relay, and they broke the British record and got Silver. Never going to be loved by everyone, but has matured and deserves praise in my view. 8
    Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake - seemed to get his season peak all wrong, as he smoked Sani-Brown in the final who'd run 9.97 during the season and made the 100m semis. Excellent anchor, hope he peaks when it matters next year. Mark awarded for his championship performance alone. 9
    Adam Gemili - desperately disappointed for him. Came in ranked outside the top 4 and got a sniff of bronze but no more. Teeters on the edge of World Class when fit, his relay runs were also good. Hope he gets that extra tenth next year. 9
    Miguel Francis - looked great in the heat and then injured. Could definitely have threatened the medals in the final if he hadn't... 6

    Matt Hudson-Smith - the 30m he ran looked good...? That's all I can offer. N/A
    Rabah Yousif - ran as well as he could have in the individual with a joint UK lead, but his performance in the relay final and then lack of taking responsibility afterwards were both very shoddy. 5

    Elliot Giles - dominant heat was a good sign, but although he ran a good time in the semi and would have required a PB to get through, poor positioning cost him that possibility. A good race, but in a competitive event for GB anyone wanting selection next year will need to take a further step up. 7
    Kyle Langford - never at the races - sneaked the semis and then did naff-all. Needs to go away, grow up and sort his head out, as he has all the talent in his legs to be right up there. 2
    Jamie Webb - hard to rank, as he has had a glorious season, and his semi was an athlete who put themselves in the right place and then just ran out of gas. Hope he pushes on, as making Tokyo will be tough. 6
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    Jake Wightman - made the final and ran a 3:31 PB. Not really any more he could have done. 9
    Josh Kerr - made the final and ran a 3:32 PB. See above. 9
    Neil Gourley - made the final as an auto-qualifier. Who would have put money on that? Doesn't matter that he didn't run a fast time there in my view. 8

    Andy Butchart - sure, it was high quality and he was first man out, but an athlete who has finished 6th at the Olympics should be making World Finals. Post-Mo, the 5000m is a less friendly place... 5
    Ben Connor - ran a decent race in decent company, but just not up to the standard to make the final. Hopefully a learning experience and he comes back 10 seconds faster next summer. 6
    Marc Scott - very much got the feeling that making the qualifying time was his big achievement, so not really at the races at all. 4

    Callum Hawkins - him taking the lead with 2k to go was one of the British moments of the champs for me. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. 10

    100m hurdles
    Andy Pozzi - he has about 2 years to go from nearly man/indoor specialist and realise his potential. Injuries are cruel and affected his buildup, but they come with the territory of wanting to be the best. 13.60 is not a time to run in a World Semi. 3

    400m hurdles
    Chris McAlister - what a season! To PB in the semi and finish 14th in the World when your 2018 ranking was 164 is staggering. I hope he carries on progressing! 9

    3000m steeplechase
    Zak Seddon - making the final was a huge achievement, as the first Brit for 26. Think the pace there probably broke him mentally, but he now knows what he needs to do, and I hope his success drives others in the event. 8

    20km walk
    Tom Bosworth - 7th in the World is a solid return, but hasn't managed to push on since Rio. Another for whom the next 2 years are huge. 7
    Callum Wilkinson - he put himself up there, but has a bad habit of DQs which hit him right at the sharp end of the race. Needs to sort that, as if he can I think he has more championship potential than Bosworth. 5

    50km walk
    Cameron Corbishley - did a great job to make the champs, but no-one wants to see a DNF. 5
    Dominic King - coming to the end of a long career, and glad there is someone to take what 50km walk mantle there is... 4

    Pole Vault
    Harry Coppell - DNS, injured. Big season to get here, hopefully he and Myers push on. N/A

    Triple Jump
    Ben Williams - 16.77 would have been a PB last year, and disappointing that he couldn't make the final, but that shouldn't detract from a breakthrough season that will hopefully continue in 2020. 7

    Nick Miller - hard to rank. Yes, he was 10th in a good comp, but his marginal foul would have got him Silver, and those are the risks one has to take to get global medals. Still, he will judge himself harshly and so will I. If he doesn't win at least one major medal in his career he will not have fulfilled his potential. 5

    Tim Duckworth - another to not make the start line. Hope he has a short break and has a go at the World Indoors, as that presents a real medal opportunity for him given the likely weak field and his favoured events being included. N/A
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      Dina Asher-Smith - do I need to say anything. The new Queen. 10
      Imani Lansiquot - disappointing champs for her, poor times and then injured for the relay final (where her presence would likely have left us closer to Jamaica). Lots of potential, but it's going to be hard to make the 100m next year with Neita stepping up and a few others in the mix. 4
      Daryll Neita - always seems to perform when it matters, and the relay is definitely better with her on anchor and Dina taking the long leg 2. 9
      Asha Philip - poor individually, but did a job on first leg and can be pleased with that. Wouldn't be surprised if that is her last major outdoors, even though she ran a PB this year. 7
      Ashleigh Nelson - really pleased for her after such an injury struggle. I think she has more to give over 200m. 8
      Jodie Williams - this was a final she could definitely have made so will be disappointed with that, but her 4x400 leg has extraordinary and really points the way for her future. 8
      Beth Dobbin - another who just doesn't have the raw speed, 23.11 is not what she should be running a global semi. The 400m beckons, surely... 4

      Emily Diamond - 5 races is a lot at a champs (unless you are Naser, but enough said about that...). Gave an excellent account of herself with all 3 legs under 51 and 2 SBs in the individual. I don't think she will make a jump up, but she is a solid servant to GB athletics. 8
      Laviai Nielsen - quite disappointing. Running solo from 9 is hard and she went for it but got it wrong, while 50.9 on anchor isn't quite good enough for a 50.8 runner. Still learning and has the potential for repeated low-50s next year. 5
      Zoey Clark - solid on leg one, but limited. Did her job but no GB team is going to threaten major medals properly with a 52.1 opening. 6

      Alex Bell - made a bit of a meal of her first major, but the semis was all that was expected and she got there to finish 14th. Time to grow from this. 7
      Shelayna Oskan-Clarke - put herself in a decent position but found wanting. Think indoors suits her best where she can get in the lead and control the race more, I wonder if Beijing will prove her career outdoor peak. 5
      Lynsey Sharp - I knew I had to give out a 1 somewhere. To come into the champs ranked 4th on time and not make it out of the heat is unforgiveable, and no-one else to blame this time. 1

      Laura Muir - gave it her all and ran second fastest ever by a Brit. Again, possibly paid for going for the win when settling for bronze may have worked, but I suspect 5th may not be her final result here... 9
      Sarah McDonald - her semi was always going to be 6 into 5 and she was the unlucky sixth. Still, solid account for her and a breakthrough season in a historically strong event. Has the talent to break 4 next year and make the Tokyo final. 7
      Jemma Reekie - really found wanting at a World Level, but she is only a 2nd year U23 and this will be a good experience, like it was for Muir in 2013. 5
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        Pozzi deserves a 7, ever since KJT and him got together, she's been on fire.


        • MysteryBrick
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          I approve of this observation. Doing his bit for the team...

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        Laura Weightmann - first major at 5000m and a big PB in the final to finish 7th and go 3rd on the UK all-time list. I think 5000m is definitely her event, and I can see 14:30 in the next few years. 9
        Eilish McColgan - 10th in a PB. Can again be very proud. 8
        Jessica Judd - her real final this year was the World University Games which she won. Learning the event and has no fear, she can definitely get to 15:00 next year. 4

        Steph Twell - not go the wheels for the track any more, especially when people are closing in 3:59 for the last 1500m... The marathon is her future. 4

        100m hurdles
        Cindy Ofili - coming back from injury, the semi was all that was reasonable, but disappointing she couldn't manage an SB. As an aside, slightly baffling and depressing that KJT is now ranked 2nd over 100mh this year. 7

        400m hurdles
        Meghan Beasley - went for it but not enough pace in a reasonably high quality event depthwise (as well as the top 2, obviously). Can't help but feel her big chance was 2015 when she ran a PB in the heats and didn't back it up. 5
        Jessica Turner - PB in the heat and 2nd fastest time ever in the semi along with a solid 51.6 in the relay. Excellent first major. 8

        3000m steeplechase
        Elizabeth Bird - 6 second PB to miss the final by less than 2 tenths? Couldn't ask any more. Now GB's fastest chaser in 7 years. 9
        Rosie Clarke - disappointing run. Going to be interesting to see how she deals with no longer being top dog. 4
        Aimee Pratt - PB in the heat justified her selection, and still an U23 (nearly a UK U23 record). Good job. 8

        High Jump
        Morgan Lake - head not there, pretty shoddy. Been a weird few years and she is still so young she can rectify, but a key year next year. 3

        Pole Vault
        Holly Bradshaw - one and done in qualifying, 4.80 with no drama and vaulted for the win. Seems a different athlete, and finished with the best 4th place mark ever. Should be very proud, she is truly World Class. 9

        Long Jump
        Abigail Irozuru - in the context of her career, 7th was magical. In the context of her season, disappointing. She can do better and should have got top 5. Still, brilliant to see her back. 7
        Shara Proctor - made the final and then did nothing. I wonder if we are seeing the start of a gradual descent for the 7.07m jumper of 2015. 5
        Jazmin Sawyers - should have made the final, especially as she is normally such a good championship performer. Disappointing year, and I really hope she can get back to the form that got her European Silver in 2016 ahead of a certain Mihambo... 4

        Shot Putt
        Sophie McKinna - one of my athletes of the champs. Huge PB in qualifying, performed well in a final where she didn't look out of place among World Class company, and had a great time doing it. Hope she gets more support and pushes on. 9

        Katarina Johnson-Thompson - if someone told me a week ago she would set 4 PBs, a British record and dispatch Nafi Thiam while making it look, dare I saw, comfortable, I'd have sworn at them. Brilliant. 10


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          My only quibble with Sophie McKinna is that she looked like she was having *too* good a time in the final and was happy with not breaking 18m. WIthin reason, it's my expectation that field eventers should beat their qualification marks in finals, or at least get close. I wondered if she was just so pleased to be through that she treated it like a jolly. Though in her circumstances, I think to a degree that was entirely understandable!

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        Can't disagree with any of those scores, sums up my thoughts too!


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          Very fair ratings! I'd only disagree with the rating for Asha Philip. Not only was she very poor in the individual, I thought her relay legs were poor too. Especially in the semi she seemed to slow badly and nearly failed to reach Lansiquot in time. She simply didn't look fit.

          I agree that Sharp and Langford were the two who disappointed me most. To be fair though there is so much more scope to mess up in the 800. Over the years some of our most spectacular failures have been in the rounds of the 800 (step forward Tom McKean!).


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            A great roundup and I pretty much agree with all the scores. I would echo the thoughts about Sharp and Langford. Yes they had a poor champs, but others on the team were given slightly higher performances thanks to performances across the season and Sharp especially didn't have such a bad season. She is a class athlete and could easily come back and qualify for another Olympics next year and perform well. As we've seen the 800m is one of the most unpredictable events on the track.

            I would also score Weightman and McColgan slightly lower. I know a lot would disagree as they did both run PBs, however, I did think that both were unwilling to push that bit further once in that chasing pack of 4 to really try and make headway into the lead group for fear of being de facto pacemaker. Weightman will never be a front runner and McColgan hasn't always show great pace judgement towards the end of the race. I think they can both go well under 14.40 in a paced race.

            While the distance races in Doha were extremely quick across the board I'm not sure it's likely to happen again to such a degree in Tokyo and that could play into athletes like Weightman's and McColgan's favour thanks to their good 1500m speed.


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              I will also forever feel like Miller was robbed of a hammer medal. That 2nd round throw was a monster and not a foul IMO. A throws medal for the guys could have been such a boost for everyone.


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                I was thinking of doing a similar assessment but more of school report A+ to F, but pretty much agree with all your analysis.

                Naomi Ogbeta gets a B for her media work but I do hope spending time around some stella performers inspires her to towards the 15m ....
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