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Global appeal of athletics

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  • Global appeal of athletics

    Although I am a relatively new poster here I have been lurking on this forum for several years before getting an account.

    I have seen lots of discussions over how to improve Britain's position within the medal table/ generally but the world champs have got me thinking how the sport can be promoted globally.

    These champs have seen some innovations (light show, first champs in the Arabian Peninsula) and I was wondering what posters think of this?

    I think champs should be held where there is an existing fan base as shown through Diamond League etc. rather than where there is minimal local interest even if attendances did pick up later on in the week.

    I don't think the light show added anything other than looking pretty- I just wonder how if effected the athletes' concentration even subconsciously in those crucial moments before the race.

    Does anyone have any ideas that could improve athletics worldwide? It was nice to see the list of performances by athletes in the field events, rather than the names in order of achievement to see what the athlete in question needed to do in order to improve- it served as a nice reminder especially with the BBC coverage!

    In terms of field event coverage, I also think it would be beneficial to show which athletes have been eliminated in the vertical jumps rather than having passed the height in question/ yet to take their third attempt. Again, with the BBC coverage it can be hard to keep track of who is still in the competition and who has been eliminated and I think that would help.