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2019 IAAFF World Championships (Doha, QAT) Day 10

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    UKA hating is to point out the fact that it has been on a general decelin for years and the point about many of the UK athletes using foreign coaches is that they are going outside the UK approved coaches because they do not have the confidence int hem and add to that that there are so many of our athletes who are imports - comoare this to the 80 and 90's where theer was no funding nor facilitites but just peopel workking hard with that and thier own personal coaches. The UKA system is not working and has not been with tis admin heavy cnetre policies wihere theyparachute people into positions where little success has come from it. New CEO, new start. Madnes is doing the same thing and expect different results.


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      GB had its best Placing Table (first 8) result - 105 - in history in 2017. This followed above average performances in 2012 (95), 2015 (94) and 2016 (93).
      So at elite level there hasn't been a general decline for years. End of argument.
      Madness is not looking up the facts before you rant.

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    Originally posted by Laps View Post

    I have been making the point for several years when the UKA haters started their post Champs gripes that the placing tables actuallyshowed progress and good GB strength in depth.
    Not so much this year. Though there were five 4ths.. Also the 82 points include 5pts for the new event.
    The placings table is an interesting and useful predictor of future success - but not a success metric in of itself. If anything it seems to be showing we have reached a point a diminishing returns, where producing more good/competitive athletes isn't going to result in any more top level elite performances. Though, like hidden motors, these things can come in cycles.


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      UKA cannot control the opposition. So an outlier or two in the “wrong” events and medals are lowered. Using placings mitigated some of this volatility