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    Yes. Superb.
    I also enjoyed Crammy and Paula's berserkly delighted and excited commentary.


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      Originally posted by LuckySpikes
      Here goes ...

      Sticking with my 1-2-3 from the prediction contest. Nothing I saw in the semis changes that.

      1. Kipyegon
      2. Muir
      3. Hassan
      4. Houlihan

      It usually doesn't take Our Laura long to get race-sharp so I think that semi-final will have been great for her and she's ready to roll. Hassan often gets big 1500m finals wrong so I'm counting on that happening again.

      Winning time, 3:57.8 CR - Tsegay will make it fast from the start.

      In the women's 5000 - Weightman 6th, McColgan 7th, both of them just behind Karissa Schweizer!
      i think the race tactics took us all by surprise.


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        Originally posted by Sovietvest View Post
        All of you now questioning Hassan - have you actually bothered to read the findings against Salazar? Or are you just basing your suspicions on the reporting of the BBC, Guardian etc? After the longest investigation in the sports history they came up with no evidence of any athlete being doped. (And I'm someone who hates Nike, thought UKA were mad to send Mo to NOP given Salazar's ethics and thinks Salazar deserves a ban for crossing an ethical line).

        No team has been under more scrutiny in the last few years than NOP. I've got far more confidence in Brazier, Hassan, Engels etc being clean than anyone else in the sport.

        Luckyspikes - you seriously say she is the most obvious drug cheat of the 21st century? Were you watching Naser?! You know Dibaba's coach was arrested by Interpol at a hotel full of EPO?!?

        Greatest 1500 in history. The times reflect 1) some all-time greats are around at the same time; 2) it is very rare for athletes at their peak to run a perfectly paced race - normally PBs come earlier in the season before their championship peak and 3) those new spikes.

        I really feel for Laura. I think her performance was intrinsically even better than Dina's - that is to take nothing against Dina. It was like Dina coming up against 4 women running 21.4, 21.5, 21.6, 21.7.
        Irrespective of LM race and her lack of race fitness that we are told to accept, I still believe in outdoor championship globals, LM will not win a medal and maybe i will be proved wrong; her feisty style of taking it on as in a DL meets does not work, imo, in a different environment; its all about change of pace or basic speed in the last 100/150 metres. The new faces on the block such as the Canadian add to LMs opposition for next year.
        BTW i am appalled by your comments about that mad genius and cheater Salazar. Naivety is not something i expect from you with your broad knowledge of all thing T and F.
        At a time when the sport is under the cosh and many Kenyans and Russians etc off the radar in their behaviour, the sport does not need AS in this sport. He has got away with ruining the whole ethos of our sport for too long, and i hope for all his stinking Nike money( what a disgusting shower and typical of corporate USA) and his fucking USA lawyers, he is kicked out of our sport and fails at the Court of Arbitration.
        If the athletes who have transferred to AS all improved solely due to his "clean" methods of increased strength and hard work and no other highly questionable acts, coaches the world over would be going for his methods. I hope the IOC president pushes ahead with examination of the individuals who changed allegiance.


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          Originally posted by CAML View Post
          A team of Ujah, Prescod, Francis and OJ could run a similar time.
          pls do not compare our guys with the Gold medallists in 100, 200m and and WC in the 100m two years ago . Prescod does not show inclination to relay run and in any event still has to prove himself at the very top;the only chance we stood was a uSA screw up and not this time.


          • carterhatch
            carterhatch commented
            Editing a comment
            A sense of perspective. A silver medal is a great achievement especially, as Phillipo notes, against a USA line up of Galácticos proportions, and they have done themselves proud, Would I have chosen Kllty, no, but he'll milk this in any future burgeoning media career. I don't agree a CAML line up could run a similar time, not anywhere close. Ujah was selected for Doha but didn't make the lineup, perhaps he will regain his form for Tokyo. Has Francis even run a relay for Team GB? Injured here and you have to be in it to win it. I am a huge fan of Prescod but I fear he will be an athlete plagued with injury and his body is not robust enough to add relay to his programme ... OJ may fulfil his talent but he coudl equally be another of a long list of what ifs...

            Tokyo line up CJ-Hughes-Gemili-NMB, for Bronze at Tokyo Olympics...if, IF, Prescod is fit, maybe swap out NMB, but that would be very harsh on NMB, but a possible silver.

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          Hassan looks as if she could have won the 800 as well. The Tokyo 10k will be interesting if Ayana is fit.


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            I am very conflicted by your post LuckySpikes. I love the nerdyness, and the data you give is very interesting. But if Hassan is doping I will be very sad.

            I have long thought that the women's middle distance records are just generally a bit rubbish, and if a great talent emerged to show them that they all run
            too conservatively it might shake things up hugely. I note that many many people ran very fast behind Hassan last night - not all of them on rocket fuel.
            So it remains just possible, doesn't it, that she is simply a transcendent talent?


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              Brilliant post Lucky Spikes - I’ll digest it tomorrow (about to get into today’s session). Your stats may well provide a compelling argument that Hassan has been doped. Her association with Salazar doesn’t for me - but I won’t bore you all repeating my arguments.


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                Philipo - thanks for only calling me naive! In the current climate of public discourse it’s nice not to descend into insults when you disagree with people. As with many topics you’d be surprised how much we agree on. I loathe Nike; dislike Salazar’s ethics; think Coe’s an appalling hypocrite. I also believe that AS is s genuinely great coach who goes right to the limit in every way possible but has only marginally crossed the line. Personally, I dislike that approach but am convinced he has not been dishing out EPO etc.

                Anyway - let’s enjoy some great athletics!!


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                  Always surprises me that posters on here maintain their enthusiasm at the same time as deep distrust and cynicism.
                  I try to ignore the speculation. It gets to the point that no exceptional performance is trusted. Cycling is the same.


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                    I work on the basis that until science tells me what the absolutely fastest clean time that anyone can possibly run is, that any fast time can be considered valid. Physically we've seen Hassan run that time. Her legs and lungs carried her from the start line to the finish. We've no failed tests or publicly available blood scores indicating anything untrustworthy about her. At some point, someone has to run the fastest clean time ever. Why can't it have been this weekend?