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IAAF World Relays taking place in Yokohama, Japan, on May 11-12

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    I’m not worried about the men - Hughes in for HAA and they easily win today. The women’s sprint squad - I doubt half of them make the team.

    The 4x400m teams need urgent looking at, as plenty of out of shape athletes turning up, when they must have known this was coming up. Sixth in the world is nothing to sniff at, but we should be in the mix for medals in both. Some odd choices of athletes this weekend


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      Cowan was our quickest yesterday but slowest today, quite a few others ran slower splits than yesterday’s, not surprising given the time of the year. Diamond looked very lacklustre both days, I’ve no idea why they put her on lead today after running the slowest split yesterday, Doyle will surely come back in when fit.

      There aren’t a great deal of athletes coming through that could fill the voids that will emerge after Tokyo. Amber Anning on the women’s side looks like a very good prospect, the two hurdlers Chalmers and Knibbs may come good. The men’s 400 is extremely competitive at the moment and the times needed for a minor medal are edging lower and lower.

      What a run by Cedenio in the men’s and the women’s 4x4 was very entertaining too


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        My thoughts about the GB relay mirrors that of commentors above. The 4x100m for the men and women are going to be just fine. On the men's side, but for a poor change over between Gemili and NMB, we would have been right in the mix for the top two spots. Plus that wasn't our "first team" in either squad. HAA would only be there for the heats and he did a good job today and yesterday all told. But come Doha, he's getting swapped out for either Hughes or Gemili, the later looked really good on 3rd leg in both runs, but I think he'll be doing the job he was so amazing at in London 2017 again on 2nd leg duty. The only worry I have is with NMB who was poor in Doha last week, but today he looked in better shape and would have been a factor but for the botched final baton change.
        The women messed up yesterday, but up until then, Henry's return to the track looked really positive after all that time out recovering. It was a shame we didn't get to see what type of form Neita was in, especially after her disappointing 2018. Come Doha, Lansiquot is in. So's Philip (if fully fit). And of course Dina Asher Smith. That quartet is as good as any in the world right now, no joke.

        The most worrying aspect of the World Relay's for GB were the 4x400m. For the men, as some have said, they are a veritible "Dad's Army" of aging runners who are all reaching the ends of their usefullness even in relay squads, let alone individually. About the only runners who came out with any credit were Chalmers and Rooney. Expecting MHS to be plugged into that squad and have him be the difference between winning a medal or not, is definitely not the way to go. Unfortunately, the ranks of the up and coming 400m runners isn't looking too great at the moment.

        The women were ok I suppose, but still it wasn't great viewing seeing some talented runners not really be able to get in the mix with the Poles or the other leading nations. Admittedly, GB's women 400m has only seen intermittent success down the years, with long gaps between the tragically cut short career of Board, Kathy Cook's brief flurtation with the distance and the missed opportunity of Merry. The only times that GB had two women of genuine world class in 400m running at the same time was when Merry and Fraser came 3rd and 4th in Sydney, and Sanders and Ohuruogo at Osaka 2007. Only Ohuruogo out of all of those I named had a long lasting career as a top class 400m runner, competing for medals and Worlds and Olympics. We've just never been a nation that's produced many sub 51 second 400m runners.


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          Originally posted by carterhatch View Post
          Good to see you are around Phillipo - the change between NMB and Gemili cost any chance of winning... but i am quite relaxed about the UK results, it is very early in a long season, what concerns me is the 400, both men and women, for slightly different reasons... the men's are relying on runners in the sunset of their career, with very limited talent emerging, and the women's 400 looking remarkably average, unless someone from the 200 steps up ...

          That's why I'm looking forward to seeing how Beth Dobbin does this season. She and her coach have stated that she's going to run more 400m this year, as I think they realised that for all her success she had at the domestic and European level last season at the 200m, that it was likely Dobbin had hit her ultimate peak in the shorter distance. I'd expect the 400m to become her main distance from this point forward in her career, because I thought she showed glimpses of very good speed endurance in the races I saw her last season, and I hope that it is able to be translated to the 400m.


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            Originally posted by Laps
            As happened in 2017 you would think these results will be completely irrelevant to what will happen at the 2019 World Championships in five months time.

            In 2017 we didn't send a Women's 4x100m team, but the other teams, with very much the same personel, have produced similar or better World Relay results this time round.
            At the 2017 World Championships we won a Gold, two Silvers and a Bronze in relays.
            That was exceptional but there's no reason why we cannot do really well at Doha.

            World Relay Comparison -
            4x100M 38.32 & DQ in Final
            4x100W -
            4x400M 3.05.19 & 3.05.63 6th in Final
            4x400W 3.33.00 & 3.28.72 4th in Final

            4x100M 38.11 & 38.15 3rd in Final
            4x100W DQ
            4x400M 3.03.11 & 3.04.96 5th in Final
            4x400W 3.28.31 & 3.28.96 6th in Final

            The World Relays are irrelevant to GBs prospects.

            That is true enough.... for 2017.

            Yes it's only May, and barely into the middle of it at that. However, basing these results and then extrapolating that things will be fine because we had an exceptional 2017 relay-wise, is I think asking for trouble.

            On the whole I think both men's and women's sprint relay squads are in safe enough hands with our current crop of sprinters, as well as there being some very promising junior and U-23 athletes coming through who will keep those squads relevant for the years beyond Tokyo 2020.

            However, the same can not be said of the 4x400m relay for men and women.

            Rooney is now in his 30's. Yousif is. Dwayne Cowen burst onto the domestic scene in his 30's! And though Great Britain's male 400m runners have had a long standing tradition in the event, outside of MHS, the younger runners in the relay squad aren't looking too great at the moment. Will Haydock-Wilson become a regular 45 second or under runner? Will Chalmers? Or Owen Richardson? Ben Claridge? All of those runners are either U-23's or under and outside of maybe Chalmers, I don't think any of them will become anything other than also-rans in the 400m.
            Basically we are relying on an aging Rooney and a possibly world class, but still prone to inconsistency Hudson-Smith to pull a now-below average squad of one lappers to a medal.
            That's not something to hang your hat on, even this early into 2019.

            As for the women... Unless PSD can pull some of that 2013 PSD form out of somewhere, and Doyle is 100% fit AND Laivai Nielsen continues to show the progression she did last year in Berlin, I'm not sure they'll be close to medalling in Doha, or for the foreseeable future, especially when you see how good the Polish have been in recent years.


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              i find it difficult to consider us likely to medal in the long relays at Doha. USA/Trinidad/Belgium/Jamaica in the mens to name but 4 teams and in the womens, USA/Poland/Jamaica look llikely faves.