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IAAF World Relays taking place in Yokohama, Japan, on May 11-12

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  • IAAF World Relays taking place in Yokohama, Japan, on May 11-12



    4x100m: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, Adam Gemili, Richard Kilty, Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, Reece Prescod, CJ Ujah
    4x400m: Cameron Chalmers, Dwayne Cowan, Matthew Hudson-Smith, Martyn Rooney, Jamal Rhoden-Stevens, Owen Smith, Rabah Yousif


    4x100m: Kristal Awuah, Desiree Henry, Daryll Neita, Ashleigh Nelson, Asha Philip, Bianca Williams
    4x400m: Finette Agyapong, Amy Allcock, Zoey Clark, Emily Diamond, Eilidh Doyle, Laviai Nielsen, Anyika Onuora

    refer to link for article

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    The article states, 'European champions Dina Asher-Smith and Zharnel Hughes will not compete, having been given permission by British Athletics to miss the event “in line with their individual competition plans for the 2019 season”

    I wonder why Imani Lansiquot is not included... and no Amber Anning. Perhaps it is study related?

    I can t see any of these athletes wanting to peak for this event with 5 months to go for the World's.

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      Is it really beyond the wit of a sprinter to peak twice in 5 months? I know they are precious souls etc, but an uninjured peak, 4 weeks of maintenance / recovery and 16 weeks of build up seems more than enough? Of course, I am neither a coach, nor a sprinter!


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        I am not privy to information that the selectors may have, but I also wonder why Rachel Miller isn't involved ...

        larkim, I only mention the 5 months as an aside, I am sure it is different for every athlete at different stages of their career, (the Men's 4x400 could well be running the World Masters in a season or two!) but I enjoy relays, and the lads' victory in the 4x100 Worlds was one of my all time athletics moments, so I hope no injuries from this event to impact on them aiming to retain the title...

        I would have thought a 4x200 might also have been an interesting line up for the ladies ... with the addition of Beth Dobbin and Shannon Hylton


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          Originally posted by carterhatch View Post
          I would have thought a 4x200 might also have been an interesting line up for the ladies ... with the addition of Beth Dobbin and Shannon Hylton
          If it's not a championship discipline then British Athletics aren't interested.


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            I do wish the IAAF would be braver with the championship discliplines and add medley relays and an "all round" competition to the programme. Tart it all up as the "fun" part of a world champs, and you could have 1 or 2 days at the end of the champs with a long programme of relays, mixed team competitions etc which (if they were so minded) could have a touch of razzamataz to it. Preventing the USA from winning everything might be a challenge I suppose but they could even create some sort of handicap system based on the overall medals table etc. I know that is messing around with the purity of the sport, but local T&F leagues up and down the country and throughout the world manage to blend that team structure into individual performances, so no good reason why it couldn't work.


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              I’m surprised Zharnel Hughes turned it down, perhaps he didn’t know Prescod would be interested. If Ujah-Gemili-Prescod-NMB works out in the heat and final he might not get a chance to get back in the quartet.

              Its disappointing Edoburun is excluded but maybe he has university commitments.

              Looking forward to seeing what Awuah can do


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                I suspect Imani and Amber have their respective exams to concentrate on. Excited to see what Reece does. Miller hasn't been involved in relay & not on funding so will probably need a strong outdoor season before she'll be considered.

                Harry AA & Kilty will still be getting relay selections when we're all pushing up daisies.


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                  Ladyloz, yes, I suspect studies/exams may well be the reason for the absence of Imani and Amber. I understand Ms. Miller is not on funding but it would have been interesting to involve her after the form she has shown.

                  I do like a relay line up debate.... so how about CJ-Reece (the longest leg to get him moving)-Gemili - Mitchell-Blake

                  Just to cross reference the 'Olympic Relays' funding line up (see below) most are involved, Talbot recoverng from injury?, Never understood Francis inclusion, but I am surprised Beth Dobbin is not involved, as mentioned up thread, I understood she was considering 400m and this might have been a gentle introduction in the mixed ...

                  Olympic Relays
                  Finette Agyapong
                  Amy Allcock
                  Kristal Awuah
                  Cameron Chalmers
                  Zoey Clark
                  Dwayne Cowan
                  Emily Diamond
                  Beth Dobbinof
                  Eilidh Doyle
                  Miguel Francis
                  Adam Gemili
                  Desiree Henry
                  Matthew Hudson-Smith
                  Richard Kilty
                  Imani-Lara Lansiquot
                  Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake
                  Daryll Neita
                  Ashleigh Nelson
                  Laviai Nielsen
                  Asha Philip
                  Martyn Rooney
                  Danny Talbot
                  CJ Ujah
                  Bianca Williams
                  Rabah Yousif


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                    Cartherhatch = Reece would certainly do a good job on leg 2 as we have seen Adam & Zharnel do some damage there in the last couple of years. I would like to see him on anchor - I think he could be perfect chasing down other teams or pulling away as applies. NMB has been good there of course but he's also run leg 2 for LSU in his final year there so perhaps he'll run leg 2 in Yokohama

                    Personally I am not too bothered about Miller not being there - I still want to see what she does over 100m before getting overly excited about her.