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    It doesn’t look as if Sophie McKinna is going to match her qualifying throw in the final.


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      Sadly Sarah McDonald finished more like a quarter pounder than a quarter miler there!


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        LAura looks confident, but I think this is set to be a very open final behind Hassan.


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          Regarding the heptathlon.... What is it about British women and being so good at the multi-events?

          It started with Mary Peters in the Pentathlon in the 1972 Olympics.

          Then Judy Simpson (and to a lesser extent, Kim Hagger) in the 80's (not quite Olympic level, but Judy won the bronze medal in the 1986 European Champs during the height of the Eastern Bloc doping era, which was an achievement in itself as outside of JJK, the world's best multi-eventers were from Germany or the USSR).

          Simpson's career was unfortunately cut short by injuries but in 1987, a then 15 year old Denise Lewis was making her mark in the junior ranks, before in the 1990's going on to become double Commonwealth champion, double world silver medalist, British record holder and the Olympic champion in 2000.

          Kelly Sotherton was already competing alongside Lewis at the 2004 Olympics and Kelly would go on to be a successful, medal winning heptathlete in her own right.

          Sotherton then acted as a mentor to Jessica Ennis-Hill during the 2007 Worlds, before Ennis-Hill went on to being one of the greatest multi-eventers of all time, taking Denise's British record, a 3-time world champion and an Olympic gold and silver medalist.

          And while JEH was performing her heroics in London 2012, a 19 year old Katerina Johnson-Thompson was performing well alongside her and ended up taking Hill's national junior record in the same contest.

          And now after Kat's struggles with confidence and form following her initially positive start to her senior career, World Champion elect KJT is being backed up by World Junior champion Niahm Emerson (who would have been here in Doha if not for getting injured at Gotzis) and Holly Mills, recently a 4th placer in the European U-20's heptathlon in only her second *full* multi-event contest, and a long jump bronze medalist.

          That is some list of talent that has come through it has to be said!
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            Actually it started with Mary Rand getting silver in the first Olympic pentathlon in 1964 ahead of Mary Peters

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            I remember Mary Rand, 3 medals in Tokyo. Would you care to have a go at the mens RunUnlimited?

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          The young German, Niklas Kaul has thrown 79.05 in the javelin and, with his good 1500, is probably now favourite to win the decathlon.


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            Originally posted by SMGOtto View Post
            Anyone still follow Costas on Twitter? He's a bit cynical about British athletes these days!
            the man hates british athletes and pours on the praise for the Yanks; thats been obvious for a long time. I regard as a SH*****D


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              That's weird when he used to be the first to praise any halfway-decent British performance as if it was the second coming!!!

              What a very strange chap.

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            Kaul looks majestic. Only 21!


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              Originally posted by LuckySpikes
              In the W 1500, everyone who was expected to go through did so. Sarah Mac was maybe a 50-50 shot. Akkaoui another big-ish casualty but she's not been in great form.

              Tough on Jessica Hull running 4:01.80 PB but still not getting through!

              As with the last 2 or 3 global championships, you've pretty much got to be a 4:01 athlete to make the final (and even a few of those don't). There's the occasional exception like Hannah Klein (4:04) in 2017.
              With Simpson, KIpyegon,Hassan, Debue- Stafford tearing down the home straight after a slowish race there is no way that such a race would suit LM, irrespective of her fitness level. I hope she manages a top six but I cannot see a medal.


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                Originally posted by SMGOtto View Post
                Anyone still follow Costas on Twitter? He's a bit cynical about British athletes these days!
                Crikey! That name brings back memories of a few years back when he caused absolute carnage on this board! He and philipo were great chums. Not!


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                  Good on KJT she has done very well. Very intersting piece erarlier on BBC by the 1990's which they regarded as the golden era ofr Brotosh athletics adn when you loolk back I suppose it was that. We had so many good athletes who were there or there abouts when it came to medals and our coaches were very well respected. It is just a pity that since lottery funding has come in with excellent funding we seem to have not really reaped the rewards. We have one or two good athletes now who are in that category but only a few see, to come through for a few years and not really build up a large squad of athletes who are pushing the medals. A positive thing about teh bbc coerage is that they are showing plenty of fiedl events now adn i like the commentary of the thtrows team of Backley adn Minichello. The shot tonight has been really enjoyable as was the hammer the other night. Long may this continue. Can someone spornsor Sophie please - why is she working two jobs while some of the spritners who have o chance of maniing finals in any event but get off on the fact that they are relay runenrs travel the world and get full finding. Sorry to finish on a negatie but Black needs to be reprimande about this Nike project thing which he continued to support. I think ther shoud eb a reshuffle -KJT coached overseas, DAS coached ourside the UKA system, JA,ica have a fiedl program miuch better than ours????? What is going on? Good luck to the remaiing medal hopefuls. Athletics it needing a bit of a spark! Is it me or are people whistling in protest at Nasar - I looke dnher up and she converted to islam on 2014 when she changed allegiance to Bahrain -from Nigeria. She is not dressed as a muslim athlete who are supposed to cover up and those tattoes/body art are not exactly par for the course/ I know lots of Africans joined the middle east countries for money but I am interested to see how they have been receoved. I hear the middle east can be quite a racist place to live, hence, my suspicion. I am not sure how mcuh they celebrate islamic athlets adn females settin g new standard and role models for young islamic girls. I am sure we will read about it in the media in the co,omg days.
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                    Stunning from Naser.


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                      Holy shit!!!


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                        I did say that Niklas Kaul was going to be dangerous after the Pole Vault....

                        Kaul set a Championship Decathalon Best of 79.05m in the second round and with that monster throw, he not only moved up into bronze medal position, but he also finds himself just 19 points behind currently leader Marcel Uibo...


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                          48.14!!! What the heck!


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                            What a 400!!!

                            I think SMU got a Commonwealth Record BTW.