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Major changes to the Diamond League from 2020 onwards

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    Birmingham will likely make way as the stadium is being rebuilt for the 2022 commies. There was also talk of the Berlin ISTAF meeting coming back in so perhaps 2 meetings will change

    I think creating a program that appeals to TV companies is what motivated Coe, at the moment the Diamond League is not a big TV event and as far as I know isn’t available to watch on mainstream TV across Europe. Maybe the thinking behind the new format is that it will appeal to commercial broadcasters who would be more inclined to put it in a prime time slot. Certainly having one meeting a week at a similar time will be popular


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      Discussing it reminded me to renew my Eurosport pass - currently there's a £19.99 full year offer on, which really is great value for money when compared to many other annual subscriptions for TV content. Worth it for the DL alone, but DL plus cycling grand tours and the odd bit of novelty sport makes it an easy £20 to spend.