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Which running trainers to wear for sprinting on grass?

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  • Which running trainers to wear for sprinting on grass?


    I’m starting to do sprinting for cardio.

    I’m planning on doing between 20-30 thirty yard dashes.

    I bought a pair of Nike Pegasus 37 shield trainers, but I’m wondering if the heel is too big for sprinting? / which Nike running trainers would you recommend for short sprints on the grass?

    I’m looking for Nike trainers as they fit me the best

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    You don't have to wear sneakers to run on the grass. I like to run on my lawn and do yoga without using any shoes because that's how I feel most in contact with nature. No doubt a credit to the kentucky bluegrass seed. I didn't know about it until I went to my yoga instructor's house, and he told me about these seeds. I liked his lawn so much that I decided to grow one just like it. However, if you're interested in it specifically in sports matters, you can use cleats for that.
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      I would recommend forgetting about sprinting on grass because on such a surface, the chance of getting a trauma it's much bigger than in a normal run.