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Terms of use and forum guidelines

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  • Terms of use and forum guidelines

    Welcome to the Athletics Weekly forum
    Please take time out to read our set of basic guidelines for posting on here:
    1. To post on the AW forum, you must be a registered user and over 13 years of age. By registering, you do not necessarily have to show your real name or e-mail address but at the same time you may not post under names of well-known people or organisations.
    2. Posts are not screened by a moderator but we actively keep an eye on what is posted on the forums. Any objectionable, libellous or slanderous posts will be deleted and the poster will be issued with a warning. A second warning will result in automatic suspension from the board. AW will determine the definition of what is an “objectionable post” and any sexist/racist material is forbidden, as are provocative posts about religion and politics. Any accusations/suggestions that certain athletes are using drugs are also not allowed. If you object to a particular post, please flag it.
    3. Any unprompted, ad hominem attacks made from one user towards another will not be tolerated. By all means attack and challenge ideas; but do not resort to making personal attacks on someone’s character.
    4. Try to post new topics in the correct sections of the forum. Any general news-type topics should go in the “Current Events”. If you are looking to sell old copies of AW, post it in “Notices”.
    5. The content of every post remains the responsibility of the original poster, and Athletics Weekly will accept no liability resulting from bad information posted.
    6. Any topic containing blatant attempts to sell or market non-athletics-related products will be deleted.
    7. By posting here, you give Athletics Weekly the right to quote you (without permission and/or compensation) both on the Athletics Weekly website and in the magazine, Athletics Weekly.
    8. Please respect the copyright of others: do not cut and paste whole articles to this site. Quoting small snippets of copy is fine, but if you want somebody to read a whole article, please provide the URL to it.
    Any questions/queries, please contact [email protected]